Why archiving matters: 2 key points

By |August 21st, 2014|

Having read Mark Whitby’s article about ‘The world’s hard drive is nearly full’, it got me thinking. While the context for Mark’s article is clearly home data storage and archiving of […]

Arkivum Appoints Nik Stanbridge as VP Product Marketing

By |August 21st, 2014|

London, UK. – 21 August, 2014—Arkivum Ltd., leading provider of long-term assured digital archiving solutions, announces the appointment of Nik Stanbridge as VP Product Marketing.

“Nik is joining our team at […]

5 Essential things to look for in a long-term digital archive escrow service

By |August 8th, 2014|

A third-party escrow service is an essential part of a secure, assured, long-term digital archiving service. Here are five essential things to look for in such an escrow service.

An agreement […]