The modular, flexible end-to-end solution for long-term data safeguarding.

The Usable Archive

Data volumes continue to increase, compliance and governance standards grow ever more stringent and punitive. Arkivum 6 provides the end-to-end managed solution you need to archive data in a secure, accessible and compliant manner for the long term.


Archiving Made Simple

Since 2011, Arkivum is a trusted partner for institutions across multiple industries, safeguarding petabytes of archived data with a 100% guarantee of data fidelity. The solution gives you peace of mind and enables you to simplify your data management plans for the long term. Arkivum 6 is designed to adapt to your requirements as your needs evolve, to optimise the future value of your digital records.

Arkivum 6 makes it easier for you to choose the solution which suits you best, with the knowledge that at any point in the future you can build in more resilience, scalability, data sovereignty, and integrations with an unlimited number of data sources. Arkivum 6 can be deployed via a modular approach to solution design, from data ingest through geolocation, system resilience and managed service models.

Arkivum is ISO 27001 certified, meaning that you can benefit from our adherence to the highest quality standards and processes.

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Arkivum 6 is designed to work seamlessly with your organisation’s data workflows and processes.

Compliance and Governance

Compliance with regulatory requirements and internal best practices concerning archived data is a challenge facing many industries from Financial and Legal Services, Life Sciences, and Healthcare to galleries, libraries, museums and education. IT departments can now respond to these needs with a platform-agnostic, scalable and predictable end-to-end solution: Arkivum 6.

Arkivum 6 is designed to grow with your changing needs making data accessible and usable to those for whom compliance with recordkeeping standards is emerging as the major long-term technical challenge.

Arkivum 6 has the flexibility for solutions to be engineered according to requirements ranging from HIPAA compliance, retention rules around MiFID II, GDPR complexities such as data portability, datacentre locations, connectivity to data sources and more.

Sovereignty, Control and an Exit Plan

Service can be configured for instant access to all of your data at all times. Data ingest, access and extraction processes easily integrated into repository, preservation, publishing and discovery tools.

Arkivum will provide total transparency and control over the sovereignty of your data and also provide the exit strategy you need to make sure your data remains under your control. This is essential as part of a robust disaster recovery policy, yet often these basic rights are not embedded into other systems.

Arkivum believes that your data is yours and yours alone.

With Arkivum 6, your exit route is built in, giving you peace of mind and total ownership of your data destiny. Unlike others, we will never hold your data hostage through proprietary formatting or excessive data egress charges, and make it easy to migrate your data to other suppliers.

Case Study

“The 40% reduction in costs coupled with the increased data integrity of the Arkivum solution were obviously key factors in the Linnean Society moving forwards with our centrally-managed Arkivum service.”

Rory McNicholl, Research Repositories Team, ULCC

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