Managed digital preservation solution for digital content.
Maximising long-term accessibility, trustworthiness and discovery.

Integrating with a range of specialist partners, our digital preservation solution provides:

  • Off-the-shelf cloud or on-premise solutions to the challenges of curation, preservation, indexing and archiving of digital content with contracts available for up to, and in excess of, 25 years

  • Compatibility with, and integration to, collection management, web publishing, and preservation applications such as Archivematica, AtoM, Rosetta and Ad-Lib

  • Economical and scalable solutions with in-built fixity and bit-level preservation that are backed by a unique 100% data integrity guarantee


Arkivum/Perpetua is a comprehensive, fully hosted and managed digital preservation and public access solution using Archivematica and AtoM services in the cloud backed by the Arkivum/100 digital archive service.

The solution is designed to get you on the digital preservation ladder in the easiest way possible. It provides file format normalisation along with all of the other tasks that Archivematica delivers, combined with long-term, secure data archiving.

With zero setup costs, and no requirement for local IT infrastructure, resources or IT expertise, you can start using the service immediately.

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Case Study: New York’s Museum of Modern Art

New York’s Museum of Modern Art has deployed an integrated Arkivum/OnSite and Archivematica system as part of a 6.2 PB, 10-year project to digitise, preserve and make accessible some of their most valuable audio-visual artworks (including 500 hours of Andy Warhol’s 16mm films).

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Digital preservation infographic

Digital preservation readiness study

Do you want to know what professionals from a wide range of global galleries, museums, archives, libraries and memory institutions are saying about their digital preservation challenges – and what they’re doing about them?

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“Arkivum not only meets MoMA’s high preservations standards, but is also a financially smart move considering the size of our digital collections (big) and the way we access them (infrequently).”

Ben Fino-Radin | MoMA

Source: YouTube video of Ben Fino-Radin at DAS New York (May 2015)

Kew has made significant IT investment in creating digital representations of physical objects. They are now implementing Arkivum/100 to facilitate long-term open access of digital images and digitised text from a number of heritage and scientific collections that have immense scientific, cultural and public significance.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew


An Arkivum-based preservation system… what do you get?

  • For long-term (10+ years) and large-scale (PB) archives, a tape-based system from Arkivum is a factor of ten more economical than cloud / disk alternatives

  • On-site at your location, or as a managed service, an Arkivum-based digital preservation system guarantees the integrity, trustworthiness and authenticity of your data

  • With the Arkivum 100% data integrity guarantee, higher standards of digital preservation best practices can be readily achieved

Case Study: Tate Gallery, London

As part of its commitment to widening access to art, Tate has launched the Archives and Access Project – an ambitious effort to preserve and archive 52,000 pieces of new digital assets from the Tate Archive using Arkivum/OnSite.

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“Guaranteeing the long-term integrity of our digital assets is an absolutely crucial part of the Archives and Access Project – this archival heritage is extremely valuable to Tate’s future, and the future of British and international art history. We cannot afford to have them compromised in any way.”

Anna Henry | Tate