Your research data is safer with us.

Guaranteed integrity, trustworthiness and usability for the long term through active data management and curation.

Data archiving in Higher Education

Arkivum provides data storage and archiving services to 1 in 2 of the top 60 Higher Education institutions in the UK.

  • The Arkivum service is available through a Jisc framework agreement with a Jisc approved contract and pricing – all without the need to tender.

  • The service is compatible with, and integrates to, a wide set of institutional repositories, CRIS and publishing services such as EPrints, DSpace, Pure, Archivematica and Figshare and is certified and audited to ISO 27001 security standards.

  • It is a cloud or on-premise based managed service with low cost of ownership. Easy to deploy with the scalability to grow as your needs expand.

eBook: Practical steps to maximising your visibility as a researcher

A practical eBook to help you meet the institutional and EPSRC research data management expectations that will get you maximum professional exposure and visibility

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The RDM Workflows and Integrations report.

A complimentary report written in partnership with Jisc that provides a unique overview of a range of research data management workflows used in Higher Education Institutions.


The report provides best-practice guidance on the practicalities of what staff and researchers actually need to do; how they should be doing it; and at what point in the RDM process they need to do it to maximise the efficient use of research data.

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Security and safety of research data sets

Arkivum provides a managed service for data archiving which can reduce storage costs, ensure security and safety of research data sets and provide simple tools for researchers to manage their own data.

With cloud or on-premise options, the service can be configured to provide low latency access to data sets combined with full offsite data protection.

Campus-wide archiving at Aston University

Researchers only need to move their files into the network staging area provided and leave the rest of the archive process to Arkivum/100.

With fully-automated archive policies now in place, Aston University IT are able to run the system largely unattended so reducing their resource requirements and of course, costs.

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“The 40% reduction in costs coupled with the increased data integrity of the Arkivum/100 solution were obviously key factors in the
Linnean Society moving forwards with our central-managed Arkivum service.”

Rory McNicholl, Research Repositories Team | University of London Computer Centre

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The Arkivum Jisc Framework Agreement

The Jisc Data Archiving Framework Agreement has been designed to make it easier for you to procure archive services at pre-negotiated rates.

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Meeting EPSRC expectations for access to research data

Arkivum provides a managed service for research data archiving which when combined with data access / publishing tools provides a fully compliant solution to meet funding council requirements for research data open access and retention.

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