A comprehensive preservation and access solution for safeguarding and managing your digital assets

End-to-end solution

Perpetua manages, in the cloud or on-site, every step in the digital preservation lifecycle with no IT expertise or resources required.

Future-ready today

To meet the highest levels of publication and access requirements, Perpetua includes tools that provide description and access metadata management capabilities. This functionality is tightly integrated into Perpetua to enable content to be discoverable and available over any digital channel.

Perpetua incorporates automated processes to ensure the future accessibility and usability of your data such as:

  • File-format identification and normalisation

  • Metadata creation

  • Packaging for long-term archiving

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“We felt that Arkivum’s Perpetua solution was best suited to serve our long-term needs.

Our institutional records are extremely important to us and having a trusted partner […] is central to our long-term storage strategy.”

Elaine Penn  |  University Archivist and Records Manager  |  University of Westminster 


Key benefits of Perpetua

  • 100% guaranteed data integrity

  • Leverages industry-leading open source and open standard technology

  • Built-in exit strategy

  • End-to-end solution

  • Integrates to archival management systems

  • No IT expertise or resources needed

  • A modular solution tailored to meet your unique preservation needs

Ddigital preservation eBook

Do you have limited digital preservation resources? Would you like to learn how to use them for maximum benefit?

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Open Archive Information System (OAIS)

Perpetua fully supports and fulfils the functions of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model and allows for a range of digital preservation activities to be undertaken including: ingest, storage, management, administration, access, and preservation planning.

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Ddigital preservation infographic
Ddigital preservation infographic

Best-of-breed open source tools

Arkivum’s Perpetua solution is built on a foundation of best-of-breed open source tools, in order to deliver compliance with international standards and to mitigate risk via a robust exit strategy.

Perpetua incorporates Archivematica and AtoM from Artefactual, the industry-leading open source and open standard technologies. We believe that your data is yours forever, so Arkivum gives you total control of it at all times via a third-party data escrow. Your business continuity planning is further enhanced due to the lack of ties to proprietary technologies and standards.

Digital preservation readiness study

Do you want to know what professionals from a wide range of global galleries, museums, archives, libraries and memory institutions are saying about their digital preservation challenges – and what they’re doing about them?

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Ddigital preservation infographic