Enterprise Records Management and Archiving – do we need a new approach?

This webinar explored the challenges around records management and archiving, the relevant regulatory requirements as well as the different potential solutions.

Collaboration tools and Enterprise Records Management are an essential part of drug development, clinical trials and a whole host of other activities that involve the creation, exchange, organisation and management of documents and data. This is especially true where there are regulatory requirements to meet. Tools like SharePoint, Documentum and OpenLab ECM can work very well for this phase of the document lifecycle, but are they the best solution for long-term retention? Maintaining archive data in these tools can lock organisations into expensive storage, proprietary technologies and ongoing software updates. These systems are essentially high-cost sledge-hammers to crack the nut of data retention. Worse still, over decades they can introduce additional risks to data integrity and authenticity.

This webinar investigated whether an alternative approach makes more sense by combining open standards, simple technologies, and storage optimised for archiving.