Arkivum supports the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Leadership Programme

Archiving & Preservation / 01 Oct, 2018

Arkivum supports the Digital Preservation Coalition’s Leadership Programme

The Digital Preservation Coalition’s (DPC) Leadership Programme, which now provides scholarships to allow members to access training and development opportunities that meet their individual, local needs, is supported by Arkivum.

Alongside its Supporters, the DPC has long recognised the great need among members for access to specialist training, but also the great risks and costs that are incurred by those that provide and deliver such training.

In an extension to an existing offering, the DPC Leadership Programme offers an on-going programme of grants so that members can attend not just DPC identified training and development opportunities, but any development opportunities that meet specific needs identified within member organisations. The programme therefore also supports organizations which offer training, by assuring them of a return on their investment.

“The DPC is committed to ensuring we provide access to the development opportunities that our members require”, explains Head of Training and Skills, Sharon McMeekin. “Earlier this year we carried out a Training Needs survey and this, in addition to anecdotal evidence from our open dialogue with members, clearly indicated that the professional development requirements of the DPC membership are evolving. The survey showed there is still a need for generic and introductory-level training, and the DPC will continue to provide this.”

“But our members have also highlighted a need for training and development that is more advanced, more specific and, at times, on subjects that are adjacent to digital preservation. It is our hope that this extension of the Leadership Programme will make the scheme more flexible for members and be the first of many ways the DPC can support their evolving training and development.”

Over the course of its lifetime, the Leadership Programme has provided more than 100 grants for DPC members.

Paula Keogh, VP of Heritage, Higher Education and Libraries adds “Arkivum is absolutely delighted to be a supporter of the DPC’s Leadership programme. It’s vital that specialists have the chance to extend their skill sets and find a space to discuss digital preservation related issues. Being a data professional can sometimes be a lonely role, and the DPC is perfectly placed to continue their essential role in bringing the community of practitioners, experts and suppliers together and extending our collective knowledge.”

Access to scholarships is available through two routes:

  • regular calls for applications covering establish digital preservation courses, conferences and events;
  • applications for scholarships to development opportunities that members have self-identified.


Both routes are described in detail in the DPC Leadership Programme Application Guidelines. Applications have now closed.

Emma Davenport

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