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6 gifts for long term data at Christmas – Tips to get you ahead next year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Lots of festivities and merriment to be enjoyed with your nearest and dearest. What’s not to love? The holiday season also provides a great opportunity to plan for the year ahead.


Here are our 6 tips to help you get started on your long term data journey.


1: Think about what different types of data you have and where


This goes beyond your born-digital and digitised files. It should include things like videos, voice recordings, IM chats, social media posts and webpages. Think about the different users of this data (business, IT, compliance, partner, regulators, the public) and how they will want to use it e.g. sharing data as part of an exhibition for the public or supporting a new clinical trial that is about to go live.


2: When building your business case, think about the value of your data to your organisation and beyond


If you lost this data tomorrow, what would the fallout be? By assigning a monetary value against the loss of data or loss of business or regulatory fines imposed, it will help you create a more compelling argument for your key stakeholders.

Check out this recent post from Paula Keogh on How much “doing nothing” is really costing your organisation.


3: Build in stages for the long term


Long term data management is exactly that, long term. This is something you’ll need to invest in for the future and mature with your business. Start with the basics, e.g. a certain department or geography or safeguarding and storing your data. Once you know your data is secure and you know where it is, you can then move up the maturity model to the next stage… digital preservation.

Click here to view the recording of the recent webinar Dr Matthew Addis hosted on Protecting your data through data archiving and safeguarded storage.


4: Don’t forget the sexy stuff


Once your data is safeguarded and preserved, this is where it gets really interesting. Imagine being able to easily search across all of your data to reuse that data, building collections or supporting an important clinical discovery. All in a way that makes it easier for your IT department to implement company data policies and optimise their storage, be it cloud based or other. FTW!

Here’s some more info on our enhanced metadata and flexible data management model that we use to deliver this.


5: And don’t forget the un-sexy stuff too


Yes it’s the “socks” of the data world, compliance. Everyone knows how important they are/it is to our lives yet you were hoping for something a bit more interesting under the Christmas tree, like V.I.P. tickets to Harry Potter World. In the long term data world, this is the ability to prove the integrity of your data and the different hops and touch points that it has been on throughout its data journey. The ability to securely export your data is key, especially when supporting GDPR “right to be forgotten” requirements or regulator requests for data to support an investigation. To be able to do this, you need your data under management so you know where it lives.

Check out the recent paper here that Sreedhar Tulluri wrote on how to make sure your regulatory driven record keeping workflows are compliant.


6: If you’re exhausted from just reading these top tips, give us a call


Our friendly experts know a thing or two about data and would be more than happy to help you work out your long term data requirements. At Arkivum, we set ourselves apart from other providers by delivering modern technology, services (including a fully hosted managed service) and domain expertise all as part of our unique offering 🙂


Contact us if you would like any more information on the ideas above or to discuss getting started on your long term data journey today.


Merry Christmas and see you in 2019.

Emma Davenport

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