This article originally appeared in Hospital Services magazine.

Among the most innovative participants at the eHealth event at Olympia was Arkivum. It provides a secure, cloud-based managed data storage and archive service via the N3 network that meets the compliance requirements of the NHS Information Governance (IG) Toolkit. Nik Stanbridge, VP Marketing, Arkivum, says: “It is up to a factor of 10 more economical than alternative forms of data storage and requires no local IT resources or infrastructure. The appliance-based deployment model means that you can be up and running in a matter of days.” Bristol Genetics Laboratory has implemented the cloud-based Arkivum /100 service to facilitate the storage of gene-sequencing data and digital imaging from the 30,000 genetic investigations it conducts every year. The laboratory is based at Bristol Southmead NHS hospital. It delivers routine genetic testing services to the south west region—a population of around 5 million.

60TB of long-term archive storage

Eileen Roberts, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Bristol Genetics Laboratory, says:

“Big data is becoming a very real challenge for all genetics laboratories. Over the next two years, we’ll generate more than 300TB of data from NGS services alone. The true value of that data is not yet known so we need to store it for the very long term to be able to access and interrogate it over time as new data analysis techniques are developed.”

With the need for a scalable, easily procured and cost effective long term storage solution, the Oxford Molecular Diagnostics Centre (OMDC) deployed 60TB of Arkvium/100 long-term archive storage. It is part of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and funded through income generated from NHS service provision as well as external research income.

Nick Housby, Head of Business and Operations, Oxford Diagnostics Centre, says:

“In the healthcare sector, cost saving is an important factor in system specification, and the Arkivum solution functionality and ease of use has greatly helped us activate our goals in this area. The fact that Arkivum could supply an N3-connected systems that was designed for secure, large scale, long term storage meant that the procurement decision was a straightforward one.”

“As the Arkivum solution is based on a local gateway appliance that centralises the storage of raw data and the range of files that facilitate data reanalysis, this in turn is making it easier for the OMDC to share data with other groups based in different locations within the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.”

25 Year timescales

Stanbridge adds: “IT managers are facing huge challenges in managing vast volumes of new data and are looking to managed storage services that free them from dealing with the specialist long-term task, and finding that these managed services are also able to solve their back up challenges. We offer predictable costs over very long timescales (up to 25 years) with OpEx and or CapEx purchasing models.”

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