Here we are, ten months on from last years’ May 1st EPSRC implementation deadline. The expectation was that, by now, institutions would have policies in place that demonstrated their commitment to provide long-term open access to published research data.

Many, many institutions now have policies in place and many researchers have incorporated data management plans that provide for open access.

Practical guidance

Anecdotal evidence however suggests that much data is still being stored in a way that doesn’t guarantee long-term data accessibility and authenticity. Providing access is one thing – guaranteeing it is quite another.

To refresh your memory of what the fundamental expectations of the EPSRC are, and some guidance on what steps to take to meet them, we’ve re-issued our 13 Practical ways to meet EPSRC expectations in research data management eBook that provides all you need to know to get yourself engaged with the requirements.

It’s a quick read and it’s free.

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