Data Storage & Preservation Strategies for RDM
ECCI, Edinburgh – 27 October 2014

Speakers from the Brain Research Imaging Centre, the University of Edinburgh, Janet, the Digital Curation Centre, and Arkivum presented different views and perspectives on the world of data storage for research data management (RDM).

Research data is increasingly seen as a public asset, to be preserved for the research record and potential reuse in further research. Education institutions are developing Research Data Management services to address this sustainably. How and what should be archived as research data volumes spiral can be challenging. To further explore the topics of the day, the speakers have provided copies of their presentations.

13:40 – Stuart Macdonald, University of Edinburgh

14:00 – Angus Whyte, Digital Curation Centre

14:20 – Dominic Job, Brain Research Imaging Centre

15:00 – Frances Neilson, Janet

15:20 – Jim Cook, Arkivum

The event was well-attended and has received positive feedback, including suggestions for future event topics. We hope that everyone took away some useful content, ideas and potential strategies for research data management.

If you are interested in attending a future event, have a topic suggestion or if you have any questions about strategies for RDM, please contact us.