Have you been thinking about migrating to a digital archive service but are not sure that your volumes are big enough right now? Well, don’t worry; you don’t need to start out big!

Start small

Your archive can start out with only a few TB and grow (and grow and grow) and scale as your needs expand. You just need to get on the archiving ladder – you’ll then very quickly experience the benefits of digital archiving.

Scalability is a vital characteristic of an archive – few of us really know how much data we’re going to generate or what other data archiving needs are going to surface in the future. Getting on the ladder early with whatever data you have right now is the key – doing nothing is the killer. Don’t be put off by concerns about whether you have enough research projects or datasets. Start early. The longer you leave it the more of a burden and worry it will become – and you won’t be compliant with those looming funder mandates on data retention and access.

True scalability comes with the ability to reduce costs as volumes grow, and through having the scalable infrastructure available in the first place. Starting from a small volume / short-term contract position, being able to scale easily while retaining service levels, security and integrity assurance will deliver more peace of mind than you think.

From a few TBs to many PBs

Our service is designed to manage large volumes of data, but it works equally well with small volumes. So you can start from a few TBs and scale to many PBs (and beyond), increasing capacity as demand grows. To be precise, you can start from 1TB for 1yr all the way up to multiple PBs over 25yrs (or anywhere in-between). The amount of data you can store is unlimited, and the service level, integrity guarantees and security are the same regardless.

Here are some other facts to keep in mind:

  • We build the service infrastructure ahead of the storage requirements ensuring that if you want to increase your storage we have the capacity to do so.
  • For each increase, we will give a price for storage—for that particular size at that particular time.
  • Costs are based on amount of storage and the contract period. The more and the longer… the lower they are.

So, now that you understand a digital data archive can go from tiny to massive, what are you waiting for? Get in touch and we can tell you more.