With reference to LinkedIn post by Daniel Hickmore – Arkivum VP Health, Life Sciences & Pharma

International, pharmaceutical regulators are moving away from paper based regulatory record management and towards digital solutions through data integrity, after-all the paper was printed out at some point. We can see an acceleration in that direction. This direction of travel creates further pressures in terms of management of metadata, archiving and preservation strategies for pharmaceuticals. Arkivum provides a M.A.P. solution to deliver a single, unified archive which is ALCOA-C compliant.

Organisations are concerned how they will cope with the governance requirements of ever-growing volumes of data, and the challenges of assuring long-term data integrity.

In July, the first in a series of webinars was hosted by Eldin Rammell, MD at Rammell Consulting and Chair of the Scientific Archivist Group, and Daniel Hickmore, VP Health, Life Sciences and Pharma at Arkivum, and examined the IT approaches and associated challenges of managing regulated data in Pharmaceutical organisations.

Please click to watch the webinar.

Daniel Hickmore has also written a white paper ‘Navigating the Governance of Pharma Data’ which delves into the typical IT approaches and challenges of managing regulated data.

Download the paper and learn about:

  • Addressing the need for a digital approach to data management and governance
  • The three main pillars of data management
  • Achieving greater benefit from your archive
  • Technology solutions to regulated records
  • Common language and approach

To find out more, and to start meeting your regulatory and data integrity requirements today, please contact us – info@arkivum.com. We look forward to hearing from you.