Do you hear that? The clock is ticking—the May 1st EPSRC Open Access deadline is only a few months away.

The squeaky wheel

As you know (sorry to be the squeaky wheel) the EPSRC (and RCUK) is mandating better and more open data management resulting from publicly-funded research. Ultimately, the deadline is being enforced to ensure that data is available to the wider research community in a timely, cost-effective manner—leading to open access data.


I know you’ve already heard about the looming EPSRC deadline, but it’s definitely worth having a read of their specific expectations for these universities in receipt of EPSRC research funding. They’ve recently revised (and relaxed) them – you want to be au courant don’t you?

Just to reiterate then… You have to ensure that EPRSC-funded research data is securely preserved for a minimum of 10 years from the date that any researcher’s privileged access period expires—or if others have accessed the data – from the last date on which access to the data was requested by a third party. For all practical purposes, if your research is interesting and much accessed, the data needs to be kept forever!

Don’t forget curation

What’s more, universities that receive EPSRC funding will have to guarantee that effective data curation is taking place throughout the full data lifecycle. As a gentle reminder, data curation involves maintaining, preserving and adding value to digital research data throughout its lifecycle – irrespective of how long that is. Think data integrity… data format updating… data visualisation… discoverability…

Combining some or all of these curation and archiving capabilities is, of course, possible and sensible – but I would say that wouldn’t I. Think about it though, a common back-end data archive that supports integrations to discoverability platforms like figshare; preservation services like Archivematica /AToM; publishing services like EPrints and DSpace… It’s really going to sort out that long-term open access and curation problem isn’t it?

Come on, get in touch and we’ll get you on the road to having your interesting and important data archived and curated – forever!