What’s indisputable in 2014 is that data volumes are rising each day. As you face the challenge of managing and monitoring this massive wave of data, what is your biggest concern? It obviously depends. Are you a biomedical organisation that needs to comply with new regulations and retain certain data for up to 20 years? Or are you a higher education institution worried about meeting funder-mandated storage and access guidelines from bodies such as the EPSRC?

Regardless of the industry or the drivers, you will most likely be thinking about how much all this new long-term storage is going to cost because—let’s face it—everyone searches in every nook and cranny to save money. By investing in a digital archive service that’s designed for long-term high-volume use, organisations are much better equipped to comply with access and storage requirement; free up pricey primary storage; and reduce ongoing support and maintenance costs.

As an example, the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), facing a sudden increase in data volumes, migrated from its expensive primary spinning disk storage infrastructure to the much more cost-effective Arkivum/100. Since then NIMR has predictably begun to identify additional data that can be archived (that’s always the case isn’t it – provide an economical and extendable solution and everyone rushes to use it). And with the end-to-end management of archive data, NIMR’s compliance with regulations to retain certain data for up to two decades is fulfilled which removes the support and maintenance costs associated with primary storage.

Could you reap similar long-term data storage rewards by switching to our solution? Let’s check out some of the top ways you can save costs by taking advantage of a digital archive service:

  • There’s no requirement to purchase and manage onsite storage hardware, data management software or replacement storage media.
  • We run and manage the digital data archiving system, freeing up your IT resources for other tasks.
  • As your volumes increase, the system’s capacity can also increase – the higher the volumes and the longer the service contract, the lower the costs.

So, what is your organisation waiting for? To find out more about our solution’s affordability, speak to a member of our sales team or e-mail info@arkivum.com.