Have you ever considered migrating your organisation to an offsite cloud service, but were forced to look elsewhere because of confidentiality and regulatory issues? Could your organisation not make the transition to cloud services due to specific requirements for system throughput, security and availability? For IT and data managers who want to keep all long-term digital archiving activities within the boundaries of their institutions, Arkivum now has just what you’re looking for.

We’ve just launched Arkivum/OnSite, which enables you to deploy large-scale and long-term digital data archiving that meets your local institutional system security, redundancy, failover and load-balancing requirements. Arkivum/OnSite provides an on-site and all-inclusive packaged deployment of our Arkivum/100 and Arkivum/1+1 that’s cost-effective, flexible and scalable. What’s not to love?

How is Arkivum/OnSite different? Its chief benefit is quite self-explanatory and is in the name: Arkivum/OnSite is located on-site at your organisation’s premises, either within a private data centre or alongside your other IT infrastructure. The digital archiving solution includes all of the components required for an on-site deployment of Arkivum/100 or Arkivum/1+1, or a combination of the two. It’s easy to deploy too – from the time of order a typical system can be delivered, installed and commissioned in less than three weeks.

Between our solution’s security policy compliance, flexibility and 100% data integrity guarantee (if you go for Arkivum/100), there are plenty of benefits that come along with our latest archiving option:

  1. Complies with data confidentiality: Because our solution is deployed locally, it can be configured to abide by your data confidentiality and regulatory policies. The solution also efficiently meets requirements for system throughput, security and availability.
  2. Provides total flexibility: Our solution is installed with Arkivum/100 or Arkivum/1+1, enabling your organisation to provide different storage capabilities for data that has a range of archiving and storage requirements. For instance, a biomedical project that has clinical data may have different archive requirements than one with only research data.
  3. Delivers insurance-backed guarantee: As Arkivum/100 holds three copies of your data, including an offline copy, you also get a 100% data integrity guarantee. This insurance-backed guarantee applies when Arkivum is able to monitor and manage the system in partnership with your institution.

Get in touch now and learn more about Arkivum/OnSite!