Chippenham, Wiltshire, 21st January 2016 – Arkivum, the leading provider of ultra-safe and secure, long-term, large-scale digital data storage and archiving services is delighted to announce that it is launching Arkivum/Perpetua, a new cloud-based digital preservation and archiving service that will be delivered in partnership with Artefactual Systems Inc. of Vancouver.

Utilising public ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ (IaaS) providers, Arkivum/Perpetua is a cost-effective, comprehensive, fully hosted and managed digital preservation and public access solution that uses Archivematica and AtoM (Access to Memory) services in the cloud.

Long-term and large-scale data archiving

Archivematica provides a file-format digital preservation service that maximises the future accessibility of files through their conversion to a number of alternative or current file formats. AtoM provides tightly integrated description and access metadata management facilities for making content discoverable and available over the Web. The digital archive service is based on Arkivum’s flagship offering, Arkivum/100 with a unique 100% data integrity guarantee and a proven solution designed for organisations with long-term and large-scale data archiving requirements.

With Arkivum/Perpetua there are no setup costs, it’s a simple no-risk approach that customers can start using immediately.

Designed for digital preservation

Designed specifically for cultural heritage institutions and functions within public and private organisations that struggle to deliver on their digital preservation requirements, Arkivum/Perpetua is a managed and hosted service that requires zero local technical infrastructure, IT resource or IT expertise. The service forms the basis for a secure, flexible and scalable digital preservation solution that can be integrated into a wide range of third-party asset preservation tools and services.

Nik Stanbridge, VP Marketing comments: “With Arkivum/Perpetua there are no setup costs, it’s a simple no-risk approach that customers can start using immediately. It has been designed from the outset to scale easily, so that you can start small and grow as and when you need to.”

“We designed this service based on the preservation processes and requirements of many of our cultural and heritage customers, such as the New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Tate in London. We know through experience the type of challenges these organisations face when it comes to digital preservation and we have created this service specifically to allow others to easily and quickly achieve the same preservation best practice and benefits.”

Fulfil the functions of the OAIS reference model

To ensure that Arkivum fully understood the needs of its customers and prospect in this market, it undertook a survey with archivists and data curators in memory institutions. The results highlighted that 87% of respondents stated that file format preservation and data integrity were important elements to their digital preservation workflow. And a third of respondents stated that they would be using a cloud-based solution for their digital preservation data.

Other key benefits to Arkivum/Perpetua include:

  • The solution follows the OAIS (Open Archival information System) model and is designed for the long-term. It includes a 100% data integrity guarantee backed by indemnity insurance and escrow copies of all the customer’s data.
  • An automated and managed digital preservation service using open source, industry standards-compliant products and services (Archivematica)
  • An optional, integrated open source public access solution (AtoM)
  • No local IT infrastructure, resources or IT expertise are required – this is a fully hosted and managed service
  • Everything is included to implement the building blocks for a comprehensive digital preservation solution
  • The service includes data escrow to provide customers with a built-in exit strategy – data is stored with a third-party escrow provider so organisations have access to their data if and when they ever choose to leave the service

Together, Archivematica and Arkivum fulfil the functions of the OAIS reference model (ISO 14721:2012) and allow a range of preservation activities to be undertaken including: ingest, storage, management, administration, access, and preservation planning.

Arkivum manages the complete digital preservation system including installation, maintenance and the provision of training in each of the chosen digital preservation services. A number of professional service hours are also included to spend on customisation, training, setup assistance, or development and integration.