As cutting-edge gene sequencing and DNA diagnostic technology takes over the medical community, more data is being generated than ever before. The technology enables healthcare organisations to carry out comprehensive analyses on a much larger scale—with a huge impact on the volumes of data being generated. In fact, the data volumes for Whole Genome Sequencing is expected to reach as much as 20 to 50PB per year in the UK, according to Genomics England (GEL). Because the security and long-term value of this data is a top priority, the biomedical industry is increasingly investing in long-term digital data archiving solutions.

One such organisation is the Oxford Fertility Unit, a centre that must adhere to strict policies established by the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA), requiring organisations to retain patient records for a 30-year minimum. The centre also needs to keep its information secure and easily accessible over the years. With a significant increase of patients, the centre recognised that traditional paper records were no longer effective for data storage. As a result, management turned to a long-term, cost-effective digital data archiving solution from Arkivum.

“Once we upload data to Arkivum’s system, we don’t have to worry about it again—we’re completely confident that we will be able to get it back whenever it is needed,” explained Daniel Watkins, head of operations and infrastructure at the Oxford Fertility Unit, in a customer case study. “This means that if someone comes to us in 20 years’ time and wants to know who their biological parents are, for example, our clinicians will be able to get that information to them reliably and quickly.”

What other benefits does a bleeding-edge digital data archiving service, such as Arkivum, provide?

  • Fully Secure: All patient data is encrypted prior to being ingested into the archive. Only the client holds the private keys used to do this, so no one else can view the highly-sensitive data—not even Arkivum, the service provider! With Arkivum, clients can be certain their data is safe and uncompromised as they are the only archiving provider promising a 100% guarantee on data integrity.
  • Readily Available: Data can be retrieved from an archive in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. For long-term data that’s near-line archived in one of the data centres, download can commence in less than five minutes; access can be immediate for cached online data. If a laboratory, for example, needs to quickly access information, the digital data archiving service can make it seamless to access files.
  • Scalable for the Long-term: A state-of-the-art digital data archiving solution is designed to manage large volumes of data. A healthcare group can begin with only a few Terabytes (TB) and then scale to Petabytes (PB) and beyond when there’s a significant increase in patients and samples. This scalability is made possible because the Arkivum service is cloud-based, enabling this type of scalability to be completely managed outside the organisation, thus making it seamless and instantaneous.

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