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09 Dec, 2019

Compliant pharmaceutical data storage: is your system up to scratch?

Emma Davenport

In today’s world, pharmaceutical companies need to manage huge amounts of data over long periods of time, especially when conducting clinical trials. Is your system compliant with…

08 Nov, 2019

Turn your research data from a liability into an asset

Emma Davenport

It is a well-known fact that the data that you produce as a life science organisation is often as valuable as the product that you are researching…

04 Nov, 2019

Long-term digital data preservation: Getting ahead of the next big compliance hurdle that no one knows is coming

Emma Davenport

What is digital data preservation and why do I need it? Digital data preservation (also known as digital preservation) is an ongoing process to ensure your data…

21 Oct, 2019

Secure collaboration and bringing archived data to life

Emma Davenport

It really is an exciting time at Arkivum, even though I do say so myself. I have been here coming on 18 months, and in that time…

18 Oct, 2019

What is FAIR data and can Life Science organisations ensure data is compliant whilst adhering to these principles?

Emma Davenport

Life Sciences organisations are becoming big data enterprises, with growing amounts of data being generated from clinical studies, lab equipment and drug development often in silos; the…

27 Sep, 2019

Can digital preservation be automated in the real world?

Emma Davenport

Why automate digital preservation? Digital preservation is defined by the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford University as: “The formal activity of ensuring access to digital information for as…