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Blog / 09 Sep, 2019

Our product backstory

You might be surprised to hear that Arkivum was formed 7 years ago as a data storage provider. Originally created as an incubator project at the University of Southampton, a world leader in data science, Arkivum’s founders had created a solution to a very real problem; long term data access. And with the increasing amount of data being created day on day, a problem that was increasing in importance to solve.


We learnt a lot in the first few years about how organisations want to use their long-term data and what the real pain points they were facing were. The misalignment of how organisations were handling their data versus how people really wanted to use that data across their organisation was something that we knew we could help solve. This was a key driving force behind our recent overhaul of our Arkivum solution.


After numerous conversations with customers and potential customers, we have worked hard to remove the friction points they were encountering time and time again when managing their data. And although managing long-term data is certainly nothing new, the importance and the value of this data is.



Next generation Arkivum


Our products are built on the same underlying solution, tailored for the different industries that we serve; either culturally rich museums, libraries and corporate archives or heavily regulated, data intensive industries such as pharmaceuticals and life sciences, and financial services.


Arkivum Trust has a robust compliance module built into it to manage GxP data and easily adopt new regulatory and compliance requirements as they are introduced. Its ability to provide secure data exports and complete audit trails for every step of the data lifecycle make this a perfect tool for any research data organisation or any organisation dealing with clinical trial data. After making GxP guideline adherence a key focus of Arkivum in order to better support our highly regulated customers, Arkivum has now successfully implemented its GxP Quality Management System (QMS) and has been awarded certification for adherence of information security standard ISO 9001. Our implementation and adherence of the ISO standards and other regulations supports our ongoing goal of continually improving as a business and the value we provide to our customers. Not only does this mean our processes are fully documented, they are constantly measured, analysed and reviewed for improvement through regular internal audits and corrective and preventative action. Arkivum is already trusted by companies around the world to manage some incredibly important data, such as patient health records, genomes and drug trial results.


Arkivum Perpetua is designed for truly long-term data management, where the organisations in this market are often looking to preserve their materials and collections forever (or as close to). This requires an ongoing process to preserve their data to guarantee future access and an ability to re-use that data and share with others. Integrations with tools such as Microsoft’s SharePoint and Arkivum’s usability module featuring AtoM are important parts of any archivists’ armoury.


And because we provide one solution to deal with everything from safeguarding your data, through to access and usability and ensuring compliance, we are able to deliver a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by providing smarter data management of your long-term data.



It’s pretty exciting to think how a small company can transform in such a short, period of time, which makes us all even more excited about what we can achieve in the near future.



We recognise there are lots of different technology vendors out there with similar and overlapping features which can make it a bit of a minefield when it comes to choosing who to work with. This is the reason Arkivum focuses on delivering great software, accompanied with services (such as a fully hosted managed service and professional services for custom projects) along with access to our domain experts. This also means we’re able to boast a >95% customer retention rate. Something we continue to focus on as our company values are built around putting our customers and partners first.



So why do people use Arkivum today?


Simple. It’s our people that make a difference. Our experts are easily accessible, and we are quick to respond to our customers across all areas of the business.



What can you expect from working with Arkivum?


We’re not a typical SaaS provider where you download the software and figure it out yourselves. Our data experts will work with you to really understand your requirements and provide guidance for your immediate plan as well as ideas for where to focus in the future.


Our managed services team provides assurance that your data is being actively managed, combining data expertise with a cost-effective way of managing your data, and all while you maintain overall control. And our customer services team are readily available to answer any day to day queries or resolve any issues that may arise.


We also provide ongoing updates, useful information and handy guides through our regular blogs and webinars to support you as your long-term data management strategy and processes mature over time.



What’s next?

Arkivum have been busy making further updates to our product focused on re-enforcing Arkivum as the trusted partner for long term data management and digital preservation.

I held a live demo of version 5.3 in October 2019, please contact us if you would like to see it. Here is a little sneak peak:


Sinéad McKeown

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