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Archiving & Preservation / 07 May, 2019

Bring your organisation’s long term data requirements into one solution

We’ve recently released Arkivum v5.2 which feels like a big milestone. This release adds many great new features to our single solution that delivers safeguarding, preservation, compliance and usability of your data, across your organisation, long term.

The ways that organisations generate their data and the ways they want to use that data are changing dramatically, with new requirements emerging all of the time, particularly around making your data usable and creating business value from it. At Arkivum, we recognise that data plays an increasingly important part in how we all drive our businesses and that long term data management is an essential aspect of any organisation.

I recently held a live product demo to show you some of the new features we have been working on such as preservation-as-a-service, approval workflows, handling of e-signatures, enhanced AtoM integration, and enhancements to reporting and user access controls to make sure the right people have access to their data when they need it.

We know how important it is to you to control your data at all times and that you can easily access and move your data as you need to. Arkivum v5.2 continues to offer our storage-agnostic long term data management solution, which provides you with a built-in exit strategy from day one, providing complete peace of mind that you can update your data requirements as they change over time.

Supporting deployment models including cloud

I’m finding that more and more people are asking us whether we support cloud deployments or even hybrid deployments (i.e. a mix of public and private cloud and/or on-premise deployments), so I talk about the various deployment options available as well as modular capabilities to support your emerging needs. This provides complete flexibility in how you control your long term data management needs and the associated costs, creating an elastically scalable solution that expands or contracts to suit your needs.

We have implemented and are continuing to implement new features to:

  • Automate the preservation and long term management of data
  • Decomplexify your long term data management while adhering to your regulatory needs
  • Promote optimisation & efficiency
  • Create more opportunities to generate value from your long term data to your organisation
  • Extend the scope of integrations into the Arkivum suite


Watch the recording

Take a look at the recording and I’d be interested in discussing any questions you have. Feel free to share the recording with your colleagues too if you think they would find it useful.

Sinéad McKeown

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