Careers / 10 Aug, 2018

Java Engineer

Green Park, Reading
Reporting to: Director of Engineering
Term: Permanent

About Arkivum
Arkivum is the trusted software and service partner for long-term data lifecycle management and digital preservation. We serve organisations around the world in data-intensive, regulated markets. Arkivum provides an end-to-end, managed service to deal with the complexity of preserving your data securely for the long-term, while guaranteeing 100% data integrity and immediate access to your data so you can bring your archived data to life.

The Role
We are seeking a talented and self-motivated Java Software Engineer to join an Agile development team on an exciting new project based in our Reading offices. The project involves implementing a continuous delivery platform that will enable us to respond to the high volume and rapidly changing archiving needs of our customers in regulated markets such as finance and life sciences.

Key Tasks

  • Work as part of a highly collaborative, cross-functional, Agile product development team to build features in a microservice-oriented architecture
  • Take responsibility for the continuous smooth operation of the software; helping to troubleshoot issues, refine and enhance existing features and enable upgrading to new versions
  • Write unit tested, documented and peer-reviewed code
  • Work with Product Managers and QA to ensure software is high quality and meets requirements

Skills / Experience


  • Proficient with core Java, JDK, multithreading
  • Unit testing, e.g. Junit
  • Use of an IoC container, e.g. Spring, Guice
  • Use of an IDE such as Eclipse or Intellij
  • Desirable
  • Industry experience of product development and delivering software features to meet requirements.
  • Developing microservices and distributed systems on a scalable cloud platform
  • RESTful web services (e.g. JAX-RS, Spring MVC)
  • Angular UI development
  • Deploying, managing and monitoring applications on Linux
  • Cloud-based virtualization technologies (e.g Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure)
  • NoSQL: Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Solr
  • Managing build dependencies and packaging with Maven
  • Agile engineering practices such as Scrum, Continuous Integration
  • Common open source applications like Apache Kafka, Robo3t and Kibana
  • Experience of working to ISO 27001 standards
  • Use of a Source Control System such as Git, and JIRA/Confluence for tracking and documentation

To apply please send your CV and cover letter to