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26 Jun, 2020

Webinar: Data accessibility; do you need to be able to access everything?

Simon Bostock

As more and more born-digital content is created, data accessibility is only going to grow in importance. But how many organisations truly consider the implications and complexities…

26 Jun, 2020

Webinar: Digital preservation of documents and emails

Matthew Addis

In this webinar Arkivum CTO and CO-Founder, Matthew Addis, explored some of the approaches and techniques that can be applied to preserving office documents and emails. He…

23 Jun, 2020

Webinar: Planning for the future; How to build a long-term data management plan

Tom Lynam

In this webinar Tom Lynam explores how to build an effective plan for long-term data management success. The session covers a broad range of topics including; Why…

22 Apr, 2020

It’s all about data: a webinar on digital preservation

Tom Lynam

Webinar recording: “It’s all about data: a webinar on digital preservation” We were recently invited to present on a webinar with our partners EBSCO, talking about all…

19 Feb, 2020

FOLIO Roadmap Update and Perpetua Integration Demonstration

Tom Lynam

FOLIO Roadmap Update and Perpetua Integration Demonstration To start the new year, the FOLIO project released the Edelwise version of the platform. In this webinar, which took…

05 Sep, 2019

Arkivum Version 5.3 Live product demo recording

Tom Lynam

Arkivum have been busy making exciting updates to our product focused on re-enforcing Arkivum as the trusted partner for long term data management and digital preservation. In…