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Compliance with your recordkeeping, regulatory reporting and governance requirements.

Arkivum SHIELD is an end-to-end managed solution that archives your data in a secure and compliant manner for the long term.

We work in partnership with your selected compliance technology providers to provide vendor-neutral, best-of-breed solutions which will never lock your data behind costly APIs or proprietary formats.

BCS interview with Arkivum CEO Guy Yaniv. Archiving as a managed service: why & how?

Arkivum CEO Guy Yaniv talks with BCS, British Computer Society, on why a business should consider Archiving as a Service as opposed to maintaining and creating their own archive. Also Guy talks about the type of organizations that use Arkivum solutions and how data integrity is guaranteed.

Webinar: A harmonized approach to data management for regulatory reporting and recordkeeping

Sreedhar Tulluri, Arkivum Director of Technology, Americas, participated in a webinar on 12th September 2017 around data management and meeting regulatory compliance

Financial institutions acknowledge the need to harmonize their approach to data management for regulatory reporting and record keeping, and recognize the resulting benefits of increased efficiency, reduced costs and readiness for future regulation – but while the concept may be clear, the practicalities of implementing a harmonised approach can be challenging.

The webinar detailed a step-by-step approach to harmonizing data management for regulatory reporting across regulations such as Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) and European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), identify commonalities across regulations, outline quick wins and discuss the potential extent and benefits of harmonization.

The webinar discussed:

  • Progress on harmonization
  • Best practice approaches
  • Identifying commonalities
  • Demonstrable quick wins
  • Beneficial outcomes

GDPR: Get data under proper management with Arkivum

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced from the 25th May 2018, with major implications for any organisation holding or processing personal data on EU-resident subjects. By common consent, Brexit will not be a factor, i.e. UK firms need to prepare for the changes. Meantime, survey after survey have revealed inadequate levels of preparedness at organizations spanning every industry sector.


How your organization prepares and executes its GDPR plan is crucial. Time is running out, and the consequences of non-compliance could be grave.

Compared with the UK Data Protection Act, GDPR is much broader in scope, more prescriptive and backed up with considerably sharper teeth. Fines can reach 4% of turnover, which would have resulted in 8-figure fines for some organisations that have been found in breach of the DPA in recent years.

Arkivum is here to help at every phase of your GDPR journey. Regardless of your organisation’s type, size, and level of GDPR maturity, Arkivum can offer valuable insight from asking the right, incisive questions about your organization’s approach to personal data at the beginning of the process, to providing the necessary technical solutions to mitigate risks and to provide effective long-term data lifecycle management and governance.

We can help with requests as diverse as supplying training resources for your employees, to performing personal data risk audits as part of a process of technical transformation.

Meet regulatory standards via robust long-term data management

Your data feeds your business every day, from email to the myriad of applications used daily. But today, it must do more than that – increasingly, businesses must prove they are preserving certain records and data in an assured manner, with compelling new legal directives to enforce change.

Achieving this has proven to be a weighty task, causing disruption and costs to financial firms and their IT and compliance departments. But the cost of inaction can be even greater. With Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), and MiFID II coming up and the vastly more punitive EU data protection regulations of GDPR in force from 25th May 2018, hundreds of pages of regulatory guidelines must now be confronted.

Arkivum SHIELD is a complete compliance recordkeeping solution, covering the full scope of recordkeeping, compliance archiving, and trade surveillance. The Arkivum SHIELD solution helps organizations to make sure that their archived data and related processes are compliant, assuring every technology layer from capture through to e-discovery.

More Regulations, Bigger Challenges

Incoming regulatory standards have broadened the scope of recordkeeping, to cover more individuals and more communication types; with minimum retention periods of 5 years under MiFID II.

Simply put – much more data must be archived and it is no longer enough merely to trust that the data will be there in future. Effective management and governance over archived data is an integral part of a long-term compliance strategy.

“We are pleased for Arkivum to be the first of many expected vendor and channel announcements, taking our affordable GDPR course to their customers. We are also working with Arkivum and other vendors to ensure they receive the best advice possible to align their own solutions with the GDPR needs of clients, increasing customer value and driving new sales for the vendor.”

Ian Moyse

Board Advisor, Assuredata

100% Guarantee

Unlike other providers who promise 99.999% data fidelity, Arkivum offers a 100% guarantee that we will not lose nor alter a single bit of your data for as long as it is held with us. The guarantee is backed by indemnity insurance for total reassurance and peace of mind.

Sovereignty and Control

Arkivum is already meeting those needs via its ISO 27001-certified, end-to-end solution, making it considerably more simple to solve these issues and offset the associated risks. What is more, Arkivum will provide total control over the sovereignty of your data and provide the exit strategy you need to make sure your data remains under your sole control.


Arkivum’s data safeguarding solutions are designed to be transparent and easily integrated.

We recognise that in many cases, software vendors design ‘lock-in’ into their systems in order to promote stickiness and maximise their revenues. Arkivum believes passionately that your data is yours alone. Our commitment to this principle ensures you will be able to access your data whenever you need it in future.
Arkivum will take proactive steps to identify and quantify the sources of possible lock-in risk, and to provide the means to retain the original files while creating archive-ready, future-proofed, readable copies.

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