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Arkivum customer training videos

Complete overview of the Arkivum digital preservation solution


Datapools explained and how they work

In this video, we will discuss datapools.

Datapools is a method for segmenting your data and/or files into sections that are separately addressable with access control. This means that your files can be accessed at a datapool level which will limit the amount of access users can have to your data/files.


Manual ingest

Part 1 of 3 for ingestion

In this video, we provide an overview of how a user would ingest small files into the Arkivum system using the manual ingest screen on the user interface (UI).

This ingest mechanism is recommended for ingesting files that are smaller than 100MB. You can also use this method to upload a single file or a collection of files.

To note, for a collection of files they must be compressed into a zip file.

Ingestion from a bucket

Part 2 of 3 for ingestion

In this video, we demonstrate how users upload data from an ingest bucket into the Arkivum solution.

This ingestion method can be used to upload a folder full of files which can have a nest of files inside of it, or it can be used to upload a single file.

A deeper look into the ‘Files to import’ screen is also shown.




Ingest approval

Part 3 of 3 for ingestion

In this video, we’ll show this process from the point of view of the user who requires approval for their ingests, as well as from the point of view from the ingest approver’s group who need to approve or reject any incoming requests.


How to export data from the system

In this video, we will demonstrate how to export files from the Arkivum dashboard.


How to delete data from the Arkivum system

In this video, we’ll show how users can delete data from the Arkivum system using two scenarios:

  • The process for a user who needs to request a deletion to happen.
  • The process for the user who approves this deletion request.

This demonstration also delves into deletion reports and approval processes.


If you have any further questions about any of the content in these training videos, please do not hesitate to contact us at or raise a support ticket via Zendesk.


In addition to these videos, we have also created a series of training videos for use of the Arkivum system with AtoM. You can access those videos by clicking here.