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Managed digital preservation solution for digital content. Maximizing long-term accessibility, trustworthiness and discovery.


Arkivum PERPETUA is an end-to-end digital preservation and archival safeguarding solution built from the ground up to address the unique requirements and challenges facing the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums, as well as the Higher Education markets.

The solution is a modular solution which allows organizations to select the capabilities and features suitable for your current needs and add others as requirements evolve. Arkivum PERPETUA scales from an entry-level to enterprise collection management solution, thus optimizing total cost of ownership (TCO) and providing long-term preservation for valuable digital assets, all while assuring organizations can provide superior service to its client-base.

Future-ready today

To meet the highest levels of digital preservation an access requirements, Arkivum PERPETUA includes tools that provide description and access metadata management capabilities. This functionality is tightly integrated into the Arkivum PERPETUA solution to enable content to be discoverable and available over any digital channel.

Arkivum PERPETUA incorporates automated processes to ensure digital preservation, future accessibility and usability of your data such as:

  • File-format identification and normalization
  • Metadata creation
  • Packaging for long-term archiving

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Digital preservation readiness study

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“We are delighted to work with Arkivum and use the Perpetua service as part of our overall solution, in particular in the context of working with a collection, likely to exceed 250,000 digital files, capturing a transformational period in the city’s history. This will form a vital part of the University’s strategic review of the most effective approach to digital preservation of archival collections and research data over the long term.”

Chris Awre

Head of Information Services, University of Hull

Connect with Paula Keogh

To join the higher education, galleries, libraries, archives and museums we are working with to manage their long-term data management and digital preservation requirements, please feel free to reach out directly to Paula Keogh, Arkivum Sector Manager, via email or you can connect with her via LinkedIn, and arrange to talk about how Arkivum can help you get started on your digital preservation journey.

“We felt that Arkivum’s Perpetua solution was best suited to serve our long-term needs. Our institutional records are extremely important to us and having a trusted partner whose solution […] is central to our long-term storage strategy.”

Elaine Penn

University Archivist and Records Manager , University of Westminster

Kew has made significant IT investment in creating digital representations of physical objects. They are now implementing Arkivum to facilitate long-term open access of digital images and digitised text from a number of heritage and scientific collections that have immense scientific, cultural and public significance.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Case Study: Tate Gallery, London

As part of its commitment to widening access to art, Tate has launched the Archives and Access Project – an ambitious effort to preserve and archive 52,000 pieces of new digital assets from the Tate Archive using Arkivum.

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