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Ensure your eTMF is inspection ready

A validated archiving and preservation solution, supported by a robust QMS

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Complying with eTMF archiving and data management regulations is a challenge

Traditional storage practices do not guarantee compliance

Clinical trial sponsors are required to retain the eTMF for at least 25 years.


Effective digital archiving & preservation is required to ensure;

  • Data is not corrupted or lost
  • Information can be easily found
  • Files do not become obsolete
  • Secure access can be granted to inspectors
  • A full audit trail is recorded.


And importantly, any solution must meet rigorous quality standards (QMS/CSV/GxP).

A fully validated eTMF preservation solution

Backed by a robust QMS

Arkivum provides a fully validated digital archiving and preservation solution. Easy to setup, our solution provides the confidence and protection our regulated customers require, regardless of where they are in the clinical trial process.


We ensure that your eTMF is preserved, accessible and usable for the whole retention period and guarantee you are inspection ready.


We regularly deliver validated (CSV) releases of our software and place a great importance on our QMS and related SOPs. This means we are confident in our quality processes and fully welcome customer audits.

Our solution guarantees that your data is:


Our validated (CSV) solution provides peace of mind that your data is safe


Easily locate the right information when you need it


Provide appropriate access to the people who need it


Avoid file obsolescence with automatic format updates


A complete audit trail of who has accessed what


Adhere to ever changing industry requirements and regulations.

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Only 31% of sponsors think they adhere to TMF digital archiving regulations

Recently published TMF report into clinical trial data management

Arkivum recently conducted industry research from over 200 life sciences organisations into the state of clinical trial data management.


The published report, TMF Futures, Keeping Data Alive shares some of the key findings from that research including the impact of COVID 19 on the clinical trial process, the challenges around clinical trial data management and what the future should look like. The report also features a number of interviews with experts across life sciences and data management.


You can download this report for free today.

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