Arkivum Dr Addis to participate in Archives 2017 session on tool integration
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Archives 2017

24th July 2017

Arkivum CTO, Dr Matthew Addis, will speak at the Society of American Archivists event

Dr Matthew Addis, Arkivum CTO, is looking forward to participating in the Society of American Archivists event, Archives 2017, which takes place in Portland on 24th July 2017.

Dr Addis will be one of the external speakers in the workshop session ‘Tool Integration: From Pre-SIP to DIP’, hosted by Max Eckard of the Bentley Historical Archives.

There are no silver bullets—no single piece of software can or should cover all aspects of digital preservation. Max Eckard explores options for suites of tools that can work together to approach a full solution to the software component of digital preservation. He’ll cover the basics of workflow and systems integration, including: why and how to integrate; the “glue” that holds systems together into workflows and allows them to connect; real-world examples of both proprietary and open-source software integration; and efficiently managing “handoffs” of data and metadata from one system to another.

For more information please visit the event website.


24th July 2017
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