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Safeguarding the integrity and authenticity of data, with GxP compliance and unrivalled 100% data integrity guarantee.

Data archiving in Health, Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical markets

With a growing list of customers in Health, Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical markets, Arkivum TRUST enables organizations to meet core MHRA, FDA, GxP and GDPR data integrity guidelines and regulations in a cost-efficient way.

  • Data volumes are increasing rapidly and today’s data management standards are increasingly complex to fulfil. The Arkivum TRUST data archiving managed solution is flexible and scalable.
  • By providing flexible deployment options including on-site, hybrid or cloud deployments, managed by the Arkivum TRUST solution and service, your management overhead is reduced.
  • The security, integrity and sovereignty of life sciences data are the key elements of the Arkivum TRUST safeguarding solution.
  • Arkivum is certified to ISO 27001, the internationally recognized information security management standard. Arkivum TRUST delivers compliance and assurance around data lifecycle management.

Arkivum Visualization Module

Allows users to view data in the archive according to their permissions.

Arkivum Preservation Module

Ensures the long-term accessibility and authenticity of files, adhering to OAIS standards.

Arkivum Integration Module

Provides quick and seamless connectivity without the need for professional services.

Arkivum Usability Module

Allows users to access the safeguarded data, and proves the authenticity of records in their original state.

Arkivum Compliance Module

Ensures the management of data adheres to all regulatory requirements.

Arkivum Safeguarding Module

Performs validation, integrity and fixity checks on ingested records, ensuring full audit trail exists on all ingested records.

White Paper: Navigating the Governance of Pharma Data

This white paper, written by Arkivum VP Health & Life Sciences Daniel Hickmore, delves into the typical IT approaches and challenges of managing regulated data.

Download the paper and learn about:

  • Addressing the need for a digital approach to data management and governance
  • The three main pillars of data management
  • Achieving greater benefit from your archive
  • Technology solutions to regulated records
  • Common language and approach

Webinar: Navigate the Digital Revolution and Governance of Pharma Data

Are you concerned about how your oganization will cope with the governance requirements of ever-growing volumes of data, and the challenges of assuring long-term data integrity?

This first in the series of webinars, held in July 2017 and hosted by Eldin Rammell, MD at Rammell Consulting and Chair of the Scientific Archivist Group, and Daniel Hickmore, VP Health & Life Sciences at Arkivum, examined the IT approaches and associated challenges of managing regulated data in Pharmaceutical organizations.

“In the healthcare sector, cost saving is an important factor in system specification, and the Arkivum solution functionality and ease of use has greatly helped us achieve our goals in this area.”

Nick Housby

Head of Business and Operations, Oxford Molecular Diagnostics Centre

White Paper: Managing Big Data – Reaping the rewards

Healthcare is undergoing disruptive change and new digital processes are introducing challenges to old ways of working and in doing so they are also introducing fantastic new opportunities.

Read how reducing costs, data integrity and regulatory compliance are driving the need for more efficient data management solutions.

“As an increasing amount of data is being generated in this era of precision medicine, it is clear that there is a need for bioinformatics and IT solutions designed to ensure secure data governance. To that end, we are continually looking ahead in the interest of being in position to provide our customers with the most advanced tools, including new approaches to managing information that is compliant with regional regulatory agencies.”

Enzo Razzoli
Leader of Field Services and Support, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Case Study: Oxford Molecular Diagnostic Centre / Oxford NHS Hospitals NHS Trust

With the need for a scalable, easily-procured and cost-effective long-term storage solution, the Oxford Molecular Diagnostics Centre deployed 60TB of Arkivum long-term archive storage.
The cost-effectiveness of the Arkivum solution has meant that OMDC have opted to store all their FASTQ, BAM and VCF files to allow easy reanalysis of the data that is facilitating the creation of an optimal clinical bioinformatics pipeline. This in effect means that the solution is now storing 50% more data volume than originally planned thus reducing the load on local IT infrastructure storage and the costs associated with having these files in the backup window (and making the Arkivum system even more cost-effective).

Case Study: Phlexglobal

Phlexglobal and Arkivum have partnered to implement a regulatory compliant electronic-archiving solution resulting in a reduction in eTMF maintenance costs. 

Learn how the solution uses Arkivum and PhlexEview to manage millions of pages from a growing number of clinical trials.


Navigating the Governance of Pharma Data

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Connect with Daniel Hickmore

To join the health, life sciences and pharma organizations we are working with to manage their long-term data management strategy and meet their compliance and regulatory requirements, please feel free to reach out directly to Daniel Hickmore, Arkivum VP Health and Life Sciences, via email or you can connect with him via LinkedIn, and arrange to talk about how Arkivum can help you get started on the road to compliance.

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