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An end-to-end solution that ensures your data is in safe hands.

Safety: Lifetime Data Safeguarding

Highest standards of Data Protection

Data Sovereignty

You control where your data is at all times

Making Archived Data Usable

Data is accessible and exploitable for the long term



Your archive solution is part of an ecosystem of connected services


Simplification: End-to-end Managed Service

Managing the complete archiving lifecycle with a predictable TCO

Compliance: Peace of Mind

Meet standards and mitigate / transfer risks

Long-term data safeguarding in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare, Life Sciences and Pharma institutions are all faced with ever-growing volumes of data, as well as:

  • Continuous evolution of regulatory requirements
  • An ongoing need to share and collaborate data across the organisation, and between organisations
  • The need to off-load vast amounts of data currently residing in IT backup windows

Case Study: Bristol Genetics Laboratory

The Bristol Genetics Laboratory is based at the new, state-of-the-art laboratories in the Pathology Science building at Bristol Southmead NHS hospital. It delivers routine genetic testing services to the South West region, a population of approximately 5 million, as well as providing specialist, and highly specialised services to the rest of the UK and internationally.

Learn how they have implemented the cloud-based Arkivum Service to facilitate the storing of gene-sequencing data and digital imaging from the 30,000 genetic investigations it conducts annually.

Navigating the Governance of Pharma Data

White Paper: Managing Big Data – Reaping the rewards

Healthcare is undergoing disruptive change and new digital processes are introducing challenges to old ways of working and in doing so they are also introducing fantastic new opportunities.

Read how reducing costs, data integrity and regulatory compliance are driving the need for more efficient data management solutions.

“In the healthcare sector, cost saving is an important factor in system specification, and the Arkivum solution functionality and ease of use has greatly helped us achieve our goals in this area.”

Nick Housby

Head of Business and Operations, Oxford Molecular Diagnostics Centre

Security and compliance

The core of every Health and Life Sciences safeguarding solution

Arkivum’s pre-integrated N3 connectivity for the UK Health market ensures data transfer meets the highest standards and requirements set by the UK governing bodies.

Cost-effective and economical

Depending on the configuration and contract term, the Arkivum managed service can be up to a factor of ten more economical than alternative forms of storage.

With no local IT infrastructure or resources required, running costs are low and predictable for data archiving in Healthcare and Life Sciences.

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