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The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced from the 25th May 2018, with major implications for any organisation holding or processing personal data on EU-resident subjects. By common consent, Brexit will not be a factor, i.e. UK firms need to prepare for the changes. Meantime, survey after survey have revealed inadequate levels of preparedness at organisations spanning every industry sector.

How your organisation prepares and executes its GDPR plan is crucial. Time is running out, and the consequences of non-compliance could be grave.

Compared with the UK Data Protection Act, GDPR is much broader in scope, more prescriptive and backed up with considerably sharper teeth. Fines can reach 4% of turnover, which would have resulted in 8-figure fines for some organisations that have been found in breach of the DPA in recent years.

Arkivum is here to help at every phase of your GDPR journey. Regardless of your organisation’s type, size, and level of GDPR maturity, Arkivum can offers valuable insight from asking the right, incisive questions about your organisation’s approach to personal data at the beginning of the process, to providing the necessary technical solutions to mitigate risks and to provide effective long-term data lifecycle management and governance.

We can help with requests as diverse as supplying training resources for your employees, to performing personal data risk audits as part of a process of technical transformation.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a sea change in data protection, and nowhere more so than in Life Sciences. In a matter of months, individuals such as patients and clinical trial subjects will enjoy a raft of new rights concerning the personal data you hold about them.

If yours is one of the 45% of organizations without a structured process in place to comply with GDPR then download our white paper for clear guidance through the complexities of this far-reaching data protection regulation.

GDPR & Privacy by Design

Using document or record management systems means it is possible to achieve “Privacy by Design”, to have full audit trails, to detect and fix problems early, and be confident that everything is in place to demonstrate accountability. If you can move sensitive data into a compliance archive or ‘compliance repository’, then at least you have a consolidated version of record in a safe place.

Arkivum Focuses on GDPR

Selects Assuredata as GDPR Partner

In recent months, momentum has been gathering around the adoption across the EU of the GDPR as required in law by May 2018, as its implications for businesses across multiple sectors become clearer. As well as factoring GDPR into its development roadmap, Arkivum, a provider of assured data lifecycle and data safeguarding solutions serving the Public Sector, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Financial and Heritage sectors, has partnered with Assuredata, a certified GDPR Practitioner who delivers high-quality foundation GDPR training.

GDPR: Myths and Unusual Consequences

Over the last few months there has been a proliferation of blogs and articles concerning the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. Most have echoed the same points as the others, and so while it is interesting to hear via Symantec that 96% of companies still do not understand the GDPR, it would seem that the deluge of content is not causing any changes on the ground.

This post discusses some of the more interesting or unusual aspects which have been revealed and which urgently demand attention.