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Long-term data management and digital preservation for data intensive organisations

We manage your valuable data for the long-term, regardless of if it’s scientific research, digitised historical art collections or financial data for regulatory reporting.

At Arkivum, we make your data secure and accessible for as long as you need it and usable so you can gain business value from it. Bringing your archived data to life.


Meet our leadership team

Our leadership team brings a wide array of domain expertise to the business and are focused on delivering customer-value at all stages. Meet them here:

Over 100 organisations globally trust Arkivum to manage their long-term data requirements

Our software, services and domain expertise deliver peace of mind that your data is secure, where it needs to be and usable for when you need it






What can you achieve with Arkivum

Our Clients

Some of the world's most forward-thinking organisations work with Arkivum to manage their long-term data lifecycle requirements