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Archiving & Preservation / 30 Sep, 2020

New eBook: The State of Digital Preservation in Higher Education

The digital preservation of special collection data and scholarly output is crucial to any Higher Education organisation today. Custodians of that information are responsible for ensuring the ongoing protection and accessibility of that data long into the future.

Yet, it remains a vastly misunderstood area of the organisation which struggles to obtain wider recognition, and appropriate levels of funding.

This year, Arkivum conducted a small research project to better understand how Higher Education organisations perceive Digital Preservation and the major challenges that they face in its effective application.

The findings illustrate some of the many challenges faced by archiving professionals, ranging from a lack of organisational support through to offering accessible information to the stakeholders who need it. This includes;

• Nearly two thirds of Higher Education organisations struggle to obtain the appropriate level of funding for digital preservation

• Over 60% struggle with data being stored in multiple locations

• Nearly 60% of Higher Education organisations use a third-party tool to support digital preservation efforts.

This guide explores these findings in more detail, and provides some of our own additional thoughts on the challenges and how to approach finding solutions.

You can download the full eBook for free by completing the below form.

We hope you find the guide both interesting and useful.

Tom Lynam

Tom is the Marketing Director at Arkivum. He joined the business in January 2020 tasked with driving new business growth and building the brand into new sectors such as Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences. He has over 12 years’ experience in several diverse marketing leadership roles across technology and professional services organisations.

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