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Best practice approaches / 11 Jun, 2020

New survey on the impact of digital strategies on clinical trials in the life sciences industry

Arkivum and the future of data in the life sciences industry
One of our top priorities at Arkivum is to deepen our and our community’s understanding of the life sciences industry – and in particular of the progress of digital strategies in the management of data from clinical trials. Digital transformation is an ongoing process, but currently, of course, organisations in life sciences are facing the unprecedented challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

To find out more about the life sciences landscape in 2020, we have launched a survey with a particular focus on the conduct of clinical trials. The information gathered through this survey – which can be completed in less than ten minutes – will feed into a published report. This report will map out steps to improving productivity by reducing risk in clinical trials, as the life sciences sector brings new and safe treatments to patients.

Why the Arkivum survey is needed
The COVID-19 crisis has pushed the development of new vaccines and medical treatments up the world’s agenda, but in any given year the life sciences industry spends billions on research and development. This makes the data produced by costly clinical trials into the sector’s most expensive and valuable asset.

As technology continues to transform our way of working, organisations in life sciences are continually seeking new ways of improving their productivity, of reducing risk in clinical trials and ultimately of increasing their success in bringing new and safe treatments to patients.

The opportunities are great, but there are multiple challenges to be faced, such as regulatory demands, a skills shortage, economic uncertainty – and, of course, the current global pandemic.

Arkivum’s survey of life sciences professionals will gauge the progress of digital strategies in the management of trial data, and also examine the particular pressures that COVID-19 is placing on the conduct of trials.

Quick and anonymous survey
The survey is anonymous, and should take no longer than ten minutes to complete. Please do fill it in, and then ask others within your life sciences network to do likewise, so that we can all benefit from the results, to be published by Arkivum in an industry report

Arkivum acts as a strategic technology partner for long-term data management. Our clients – whether in life sciences or in the academic and cultural sectors – are organisations that place a crucial emphasis on the consistent and durable security, integrity and accessibility of valuable data. They derive all kinds of benefits from Arkivum’s expertise in digital preservation and best practice in the stewarding and governance of data.

Applications for the survey are now closed.

Tom Lynam

Tom is the Marketing Director at Arkivum. He joined the business in January 2020 tasked with driving new business growth and building the brand into new sectors such as Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences. He has over 12 years’ experience in several diverse marketing leadership roles across technology and professional services organisations.

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