London – 13th March, 2017. In recent months, momentum has been gathering around the adoption across the EU of the GDPR as required in law by May 2018, as its implications for businesses across multiple sectors become clearer. As well as factoring GDPR into its development roadmap, Arkivum, a provider of assured data lifecycle and data safeguarding solutions serving the Public Sector, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Financial and Heritage sectors, has partnered with Assuredata, a certified GDPR Practitioner who delivers high-quality foundation GDPR training.

While GDPR has many core principles, all point to a clear overall increase in accountability for firms. Greater awareness of the purposes for which data is stored and processed will be required, and transparency will be necessary in order to be able to satisfy data subject requests. Specifically, many firms will be obliged to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) in order to drive long-term governance around data risk. Every UK firm has until 25 May 2018 to ensure GDPR compliance and to mitigate against the risk of large fines from the ICO, which could be up to four per cent of an organisation’s prior years annual turnover or 20 million Euros, whichever is the greater.

Assuredata’s 1-day course removes the confusion around GDPR and provides organisations with clarity as to the actions they need to take to ensure their data handling and security is aligned with the new laws.

Ian Moyse, Board Advisor at Assuredata commented: “We are pleased for Arkivum to be the first of many expected vendor and channel announcements, taking our affordable GDPR course to their customers. We are also working with Arkivum and other vendors to ensure they receive the best advice possible to align their own solutions with the GDPR needs of clients, increasing customer value and driving new sales for the vendor.”


Guy Yaniv, CEO of Arkivum commented: “We acknowledge the importance of GDPR and have started our own GDPR journey to ensure we adhere to the strongest levels of compliance. We chose Assuredata’s foundation course as the starting point for that journey. Having attended and witnessed the quality of materials and instruction, we felt that recommending this to our clients was a must to show Duty of Care and to help them start their GDPR journeys from the strongest foundation.”

The last Information Commissioners Office survey found that 75% of adults do not trust businesses with their personal data (source ) and other surveys have shown that over 90% of firms have no visibility of the need to take action on GDPR.

Yaniv continued: “There is pent-up demand for raising awareness of the requirements GDPR places on your business. Once this takes place, organisations will better understand the implications it has for them from a process, people and product perspective. We are aligning our offering and expertise in archiving in order to ensure our clients are best placed to meet their requirements under GDPR.”

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