London – 30th March, 2017. Arkivum, a leading provider of long-term data safeguarding and data usability solutions, today announced the launch of Arkivum 6. The Arkivum 6 solution provides a comprehensive yet modular and flexible approach to the provision of guaranteed data lifecycle management and  data safeguarding for regulated, data-intensive organisations.

Compliance with regulatory requirements and internal best practices concerning archived data is a challenge facing many industries from Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharma and Life Sciences, to diverse institutions such as libraries and museums. Organisations can now better respond to these needs with a solution whose costs are predictable, and is platform-agnostic, scalable and engineered to meet the highest standards.

Dr. Matthew Addis, Arkivum co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, said “Arkivum 6 is designed to deliver the performance to make data accessible and usable for the long term. From HIPAA in the healthcare sector, MiFID II in finance and GDPR for practically everyone, compliance with recordkeeping and data governance standards is emerging as a major long-term challenge for institutions. The compliance modules now available with Arkivum 6 are designed to help alleviate these mission-critical concerns.”

The Arkivum 6 solution delivers six key elements for the proper long-term management of your critical data:


Safety – data security, integrity and safety to the highest standards, powered by Arkivum’s unrivalled 100% data integrity guarantee.

Making archived data usable – Arkivum 6 ensures data is accessible, usable and exploitable at all times. Arkivum 6 provides collaboration, sharing and search modules to allow organisations to exploit archived data both internally and externally.

Data sovereignty – Arkivum 6 provides absolute certainty over the sovereignty of organisations’ data. With Arkivum’s unique escrow solution, organisations enjoy full access to their data at any time and under any conditions, with no hidden costs.

Compliance – with Arkivum 6, organisations have peace of mind that their archived data and related processes are compliant with sector-specific and country-specific regulatory requirements.

End-to-end managed service – Arkivum 6 is designed to manage the complete data lifecycle fully, with the industry’s most predictable and transparent Total Cost of Ownership. Arkivum 6 can be deployed on-premise or via public or private clouds, with minimal IT requirements.

Integration – seamless pre-integration to live environments and data sources is essential to provide seamless workflows and consistent data transfer. Arkivum 6’s API ensures end-to-end workflows from the point data is generated to where data ultimately resides for many years.

Arkivum 6 is ISO 27001 certified, now Generally Available and already successfully deployed at key Arkivum customers.