Chippenham, Wiltshire – 4 August 2015

Arkivum, the provider of ultra-safe and secure, long-term, large-scale digital data storage and archive services is delighted to announce today that Loughborough University has deployed Arkivum/100 as part of a collaborative solution to long-term research data archiving and discovery in a campus-wide initiative.

Loughborough University has taken an innovative approach to making academic research more efficient by using the Figshare data discovery solution as a front-end to the Arkivum long-term and large-scale data archiving service. The solution embraces the open access to research movement and provides a user-friendly system for its researchers.

Secure and persistent storage

With funder mandated expectations on open access to data imposed by researching-funding bodies such as Research Council UK (RCUK) now in force, UK institutions like Loughborough University are having to take measures to ensure their research data is stored securely and persistently, with appropriate metadata, and made freely accessible on the Internet.

To meet the new requirements, Loughborough’s data storage solution had to address two main criteria; not only did it have to be securely preserved for the long-term, it also had to be publicly available and discoverable to other researchers.

Discovery and archiving

It was agreed that Loughborough’s current solution was no longer fit for purpose and Loughborough embarked on an ambitious project to develop the new solution that would be capable of archiving a range of different data formats, while making specific items easily discoverable and the whole collection accessible to fellow researchers.

After an extensive review of the market, Loughborough challenged two of the shortlisted organisations, Arkivum and Figshare, to collaborate and develop a brand new system.

Streamlined workflow

Arkivum and Figshare combined forces to create a solution that would meet Loughborough’s needs perfectly. The platform developed provides a streamlined and intuitive workflow that allows researchers to add new research data content via a Figshare web browser interface and be prompted to supply appropriate metadata to facilitate future data discovery and reuse.

The Loughborough solution is based around an initial 50TB of Arkivum/100™ storage and a 48TB on-site Arkivum appliance that provides local cache storage for fast access to frequently accessed data.

Meeting the key requirements

This new innovative integrated platform meets the key requirements set out by Loughborough University by:

  • Delivering a flexible and scalable solution that enables the provisioning of new storage in a cost-efficient way
  • Enabling researchers to easily add new data and metadata while facilitating the future discovery and reuse of data
  • Complying with RCUK and EPSRC funding guidelines and UK legal requirements.

Gary Brewerton, Project Manager at Loughborough University comments: “We took the unusual step of challenging the two suppliers, Arkivum and Figshare, to work together to provide a complete solution for the University. A challenge that both suppliers readily embraced. The result is a scalable and tightly integrated solution. 

Working with Arkivum has been a great experience. The relationship has been very much that of partners working to a single goal rather than that of customer and supplier.”

“We’re delighted that Loughborough University chose the Arkivum and Figshare solution”, said Steve Mackey, VP of Sales for Education at Arkivum. “We are finding that many institutions are faced with the challenge of meeting new mandates and deploying systems that meet the compliance to open access expectations.  

By working in collaboration with Figshare we have helped Loughborough University not only meet these requirements but Loughborough has helped make academic research more efficient by providing a user-friendly system for researchers. It is clear that taking the initiative and being innovative in designing and building solutions has far-reaching consequences for institutional visibility and kudos – and the university is now seen as a visionary innovator – an excellent place to be.”

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