A comprehensive preservation and access solution for safeguarding and managing your digital assets.

Arkivum Perpetua

Perpetua from Arkivum is a flexible, end-to-end managed digital preservation solution for Heritage, Memory and Education Institutions.

Future-ready today

To meet the highest levels of publication and access requirements, Perpetua includes tools that provide description and access metadata management capabilities. This functionality is tightly integrated into Perpetua to enable content to be discoverable and available over any digital channel.

Perpetua incorporates automated processes to ensure the future accessibility and usability of your data such as:

  • File-format identification and normalisation
  • Metadata creation
  • Packaging for long-term archiving

“We are delighted to work with Arkivum and use the Perpetua service as part of our overall solution, in particular in the context of working with a collection, likely to exceed 250,000 digital files, capturing a transformational period in the city’s history. This will form a vital part of the University’s strategic review of the most effective approach to digital preservation of archival collections and research data over the long term.”

Chris Awre

Head of Information Services, University of Hull

Key benefits of Perpetua

  • 100% guaranteed data integrity
  • Leverages industry-leading open source and open standard technology
  • Built-in exit strategy
  • End-to-end solution
  • Integrates to archival management systems
  • A modular solution tailored to meet your unique preservation needs

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Open Archive Information System (OAIS)

Increasingly, organisations are held to stringent standards of data governance.

Perpetua fully supports and delivers the functions of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model, allowing for a range of digital preservation activities to be performed including; ingest, storage, management, administration, access and preservation planning.

“We felt that Arkivum’s Perpetua solution was best suited to serve our long-term needs. Our institutional records are extremely important to us and having a trusted partner whose solution […] is central to our long-term storage strategy.”

Elaine Penn

University Archivist and Records Manager , University of Westminster

Best-of-breed open source tools

It is your data so you must be in total control of it at all times. With that in mind, Arkivum Perpetua is architected using Arkivum 6, our digital archiving layer which provides guaranteed data integrity, in conjunction with the industry-leading open-source and open standard technologies Archivematica and AtoM from Artefactual, which deliver key preservation and data access functionality.

You get complete peace of mind because when it comes to having an exit plan for business continuity you are not tied to any proprietary technology, and vendor lock-in is not a factor in the Arkivum model.

This is of vital importance to organisations such as Higher Education establishments and Heritage or Memory institutions like Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums.

Digital preservation readiness study

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“Our archive is not only unique and of great cultural value, but it is also constantly growing and many of these new additions will only ever exist as digital files. If these are lost it will leave an enormous hole in our collective memory so making sure that we not only preserve these, but make them accessible has become increasingly important. We liked the fact that Perpetua gives equal emphasis to both preserving digital assets as it does to making them discoverable and accessible. The fact that Arkivum will be managing the solution for us means that we can use our expertise in the areas where it will have most impact.”

Gary Tuson

County Archivist, Norfolk Record Office

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