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Regulatory compliance for data archiving - what’s expected?


Date: May 15th 2019
Time: 3:30pm BST / 10:30am EST
Just how difficult can it be to archive electronic data generated from a drug development project? Surely it is enough to create an “Archive” folder on a secure network drive and save it there? So long as access is strictly controlled, that is OK, right?
Join this webinar where we will be joined by be joined by Eldin Rammell, Director, Client Solutions from Phlexglobal to hear the solution to the electronic data archiving conundrum.

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Top performing organisations trust Arkivum to manage their complex data lifecycle requirements

Arkivum Trust safeguards and preserves your regulated data for the long-term, making it easily accessible and searchable for when you need it and providing a single source of truth.

Decommissioned applications and systems

Continuing to run systems once they have reached end of life is a very risky strategy, yet so many organisations do so. Not only does it mean a severe lack of security as you are often unable to plug decommissioned systems into your security policies and processes, it also means a lot of your valuable data is locked in to a system that could die at any point, which puts a lot of your research data at risk of loss, corruption and inaccessibility. Arkivum software removes data silos and allows organisations to integrate valuable data, removing risk by making your data accessible usable and compliant for the long term.

Accessible usable and compliant data

Integrate valuable data

Fully auditable lifecycle

Merger or De-Merger

Whether it is acquisition of smaller organisations into your estate as part of a merger or acquisition, or creation of a completely new entity as part of a de-merger; there will be data that needs to be consolidated and preserved into the long term. By using Arkivum we can give you the peace of mind through our fully managed service that you will be able to access, re-use and consolidate data from recently acquired assets, trials or compounds, removing data silos and ensuring long term management of your regulated data.

Compliant data management

Reuse and consolidate valuable data

Fully auditable lifecycle

GxP and research data integrity

All pharmaceutical companies have a regulatory requirement to keep key GxP records (eTMF data, clinical study reports, lab notes etc) for the long term, in some cases indefinitely. During that time, it is mandated that regulatory authorities are able to have readable access to the archive for regulatory audit purposes and be able to reconstruct a clinical trial should there be a question about one of their products or trial processes years down the line. Arkivum software and services makes your historical data an asset rather than a risk by removing data silos around your business to make data accessible and usable, guaranteeing 100% data integrity and preserving it for the long term.

100% data integrity

Remove data silos

Fully auditable lifecycle

Some of our clients and partners

Some of the world's most forward-thinking organisations work with Arkivum to manage their long-term data lifecycle requirements

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"Big data is becoming a very real challenge for all genetics laboratories, not just Bristol Genetics Laboratory. Over the next two years, we’ll generate more than 30TB of data from NGS services alone. The true value of that data is not yet known so we need to store it for the very long term to be able to access and interrogate it over time as new data analysis techniques are developed."

Eileen Roberts, Consultant, Bristol Genetics Laboratory

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