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Long-term data lifecycle management for Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Health Care

Introduction of the TMF standard

Opinion Piece

The pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors are both heavily regulated and data-rich which creates a very real problem. How do you manage your data lifecycle for clinical trials when the data is held in multiple silos; separate departments, organisations or geographies?


Read this opinion piece authored by our VP of Life Sciences and Healthcare, Daniel Hickmore.

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Top performing organisations trust Arkivum to manage their complex data lifecycle requirements

Arkivum Trust not only safeguards and preserves your valuable data for the long-term, it brings it to life by making it easily accessible and searchable for when you need it, providing a single source of truth.


We understand the pressures faced by organisations operating in today’s pharmaceutical industry; your research is critical to preserving and improving lives, though it takes time and a large amount of investment to perform the research, let alone bring a fully-tested new drug to market. Arkivum Trust preserves and safeguards your digital research for the long-term while providing easy access and searchability of your data to enhance repeatability and easier to reproduce research.

Powerful eDiscovery

ALCOA alignment

Fully auditable lifecycle

Life Sciences

Powerful search across your data silos delivers fast eDiscovery across your business. Data integrity is 100% guaranteed and our vendor-neutral software makes it easy to collaborate and share data across your communities to expedite research discoveries and reduce the time and cost of delivering innovation.

Powerful eDiscovery

Secure data export

Fully auditable lifecycle

Health Care

With the health care industry under immense pressure to deliver better care with fewer resources, it’s essential you are empowered to work smarter rather than harder. Personal medical records need to be stored securely, remaining easily accessible for the long-term to reduce the time taken to treat patients and to avoid duplication of work. Arkivum Trust safeguards data indefinitely, guaranteeing 100% data integrity while maintaining role-based permissions for easy access to data at any time.

100% data integrity

Secure data export

Fully auditable lifecycle

Some of our clients and partners

Some of the world's most forward-thinking organisations work with Arkivum to manage their long-term data lifecycle requirements

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"Big data is becoming a very real challenge for all genetics laboratories, not just Bristol Genetics Laboratory. Over the next two years, we’ll generate more than 30TB of data from NGS services alone. The true value of that data is not yet known so we need to store it for the very long term to be able to access and interrogate it over time as new data analysis techniques are developed."

Eileen Roberts, Consultant, Bristol Genetics Laboratory

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