Meet regulatory standards via robust long-term data management

Your data feeds your business every day, from email to the myriad of applications used daily. But today, it must do more than that – increasingly, businesses must prove they are preserving certain records and data in an assured manner, with compelling new legal directives to enforce change.

Achieving this has proven to be a weighty task, causing disruption and costs to financial firms and their IT and compliance departments. But the cost of inaction can be even greater. With Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), and MiFID II coming up, and the vastly more punitive EU data protection regulations of GDPR in force from 25th May 2018, hundreds of pages of regulatory guidelines must now be confronted.

Shield is a complete compliance recordkeeping solution, covering the full scope of recordkeeping, compliance archiving, and trade surveillance. Shield helps organisations to make sure that data and related processes are compliant, assuring every technology layer from capture through to e-discovery.


Shield is designed to help your firm meet the data governance standards of MiFID II. Compliance recordkeeping requirements will expand dramatically to cover more individuals and endpoints, with longer retention periods and a more proactive monitoring regime. This means much more data to handle, for longer periods and with more time spent on governance.


Data security, integrity and safety to the highest standards, powered by Arkivum’s unrivalled 100% data integrity guarantee. Also with Arkivum’s unique escrow solution, organisations enjoy full access to their data at any time and under any conditions, with no hidden costs. This can be a saviour in the face of today’s cyber-threats such as ransomware.

Data Enrichment

Increased governance standards mean that audit trails become a part of the data lifecycle. With Shield you have the opportunity to enrich the data as it enters the archive, through extended metadata and tagging, and a full audit trail of the data’s lifecycle. This enables your firm to maximise the potential business value of your compliance-sensitive data.

End-to-End Managed Service

Shield is designed to manage the complete compliance archiving lifecycle fully, with the industry’s most predictable and transparent Total Cost of Ownership. Shield can be deployed on-premise, or via public or private cloud, with minimal IT requirements.


Safeguarding critical data for the long term means making sure you are in control. Arkivum has developed comprehensive, built-in integrations of all the application layers. Shield is there also a vendor-neutral platform, comprised of key technology elements that provide autonomy and vendor neutrality. Arkivum makes sure that the exit route is built in.

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