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Preserving your special collection records and data for the future

Ensure the long-term security and accessibility of valuable digital assets

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Preserve cultural and historical records for generations to come

Trusted by leading museums, higher education institutes and heritage organisations from around the world

We understand the importance of our customers valuable assets, ensuring that they are not only preserved for the long-term, but also accessible to students, researchers and other stakeholders.


Our solution ensures that your records are not lost, corrupted or become obsolete, providing a 100% data integrity guarantee.


Built on data management principles such as FAIR, the solution safeguards and preserves a wide range of content types, ensuring the accessibility of both born-digital and digitised material.

A preservation solution that delivers

These are just some of ways our solution provides value to our customers.

100% data integrity guarantee

Confidence that your collections are secure for generation

Long-term accessibility

Ensure the right people can find and have access to the right data when they need it

Fully managed service

Make preservation easy, greatly reducing the burden on archiving teams

Removal of data silos

Our solution allows for the consolidation of resources and assists in removing data siloes


A solution which scales to meet your data requirements, now and in the future


Digital preservation protects against file obsolescence

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What our customers say

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"After a number of years refining scalable workflows for the ingest of assets into Arkivum, ITMA is now well ensconced on its digital preservation journey. We are safeguarding an extensive digital collection while also providing meaningful access to a national public archive for Irish traditional music, song and dance"

Maeve Gebruers, Archivist, ITMA

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