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05 Mar, 2024

Long-Term Preservation of Digital data: The Global ‘Bit List’ of Endangered Digital Species

Nick Keppe

In the digital landscape, there is a fragile ecosystem of vital data in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry. Within this ecosystem, similar to endangered species in...

01 Mar, 2024

Webinar Recording: Applying the ALCOA+ principles to archived GxP data

Annabel Allum

Maintaining GxP data integrity is a cornerstone of managing a successful clinical trial. Crucial to that is ensuring alignment with the FDA’s ALCOA+ principles. At Arkivum we...

29 Feb, 2024

Webinar: Best practice approaches to migrating the eTMF from CRO to Sponsor

Antonia Witten

26th March 2024 – 2pm GMT/9am EST  Receiving clinical records for your CRO at the end of a trial can be a challenging process. What is the...

27 Feb, 2024

Beyond Paper: Ensuring Long-Term Preservation of Healthcare Records & Data

Anthony Wells

The recent plumbing leak at Dr. Gray’s Hospital in Elgin, resulting in the potential loss of several hundred paper-based medical records and data, is a stark reminder...

19 Feb, 2024

The rise of Mid-Size CROs in Biotech and Pharma Partnerships

Anthony Wells

In the dynamic landscape of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, the choice of CRO plays a pivotal role in the success of drug development ventures. Despite the assumption that...

12 Feb, 2024

Manual vs. automatic digital preservation: Are you prepared to face the challenges presented by future technology?

Tom Lynam

Last year we published an online tool to allow anyone to assess their level of digital preservation maturity in line with the ALCOA+ principles. The tool asked...