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19 Aug, 2021

The top three skills every Records Manager needs to have

Harriet Clark

“What are the most important skills for a records manager or archivist?” Recently at Arkivum we have been discussing and debating what the most important skills are…

20 May, 2021

The difference between data backup and data archiving, and why it matters to you

Chris Sigley

Data is your organisation’s most valuable asset – it’s paramount that you protect it. If you are faced with large amounts of precious data which you will…

27 Apr, 2021

FAIR data principles, what are they and how can they support compliance?

Harriet Clark

Life Sciences organisations are becoming big data enterprises, generating large amounts of data from clinical studies, lab equipment and drug development. However, this plethora of data is…

18 Aug, 2020

The ALCOA+ principles in practice – Part 3

Tom Lynam

In the third and final part of our blog series exploring the ALCOA+ principles, we’re focusing on ‘+’; Completeness, Consistency, Enduring and Availability. You can read Part…

07 Jul, 2020

The ALCOA+ principles in practice – Part 2

Tom Lynam

The pharmaceutical industry is data-driven – risks are carefully calculated and managed using data, key strategic and management decisions heavily rely on data.  The importance of data…

21 May, 2020

The ALCOA+ principles in practice – Part 1

Tom Lynam

ALCOA+ is a set of principles for ensuring data integrity. Introduced in the 90s by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the ALCOA acronym was developed…