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11 Apr, 2024

Digital Preservation Coalition releases new version of Rapid Assessment Model

Tom Lynam

In March this year, the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has updated their Rapid Assessment Model (RAM) to version 3.0. The DPC RAM is a digital preservation maturity...

05 Apr, 2024

Three key takeaways from the TMF Summit 2024

Tom Lynam

Last month, Arkivum exhibited for the third time at the TMF Summit (this time taking place in Savannah, Georgia). For those of you who follow me on...

03 Apr, 2024

Arkivum joins Jisc’s Digital Preservation Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

Tom Lynam

Arkivum is delighted to announce that it has joined Jisc’s newly launched Digital Preservation (DP) Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). The new DPS is designed to offer UK-based...

26 Mar, 2024

Webinar Recording: Best practice approaches to migrating the eTMF from CRO to Sponsor

Annabel Allum

Receiving clinical records for your CRO at the end of a trial can be a challenging process. What is the best approach to take? How do I...

16 Mar, 2024

Webinar Recording: Revolutionising eTMF Archiving and Preservation

Antonia Witten

Are you prepared to revolutionise your eTMF archival and preservation processes? Join us for this enlightening webinar recording on planning for archival, where Cerevel Therapeutic’s Ashley Avery...

05 Mar, 2024

Long-Term Preservation of Digital data: The Global ‘Bit List’ of Endangered Digital Species

Nick Keppe

In the digital landscape, there is a fragile ecosystem of vital data in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry. Within this ecosystem, similar to endangered species in...