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15 May, 2019

Webinar – Regulatory compliance for data archiving – what’s expected?

Emma Davenport

Join this webinar with Arkivum and Phlexglobal to hear the solution to the electronic data archiving conundrum.

14 May, 2019

DPC Webinar: Digital Preservation Futures with Arkivum

Emma Davenport

Arkivum are proud to be part of this series of webinars, which accompanies the Digital Preservation Futures: Community Forum in Dublin on 2nd July run by the Digital Preservation Coalition.

11 Apr, 2019

Zombies vs unicorns: which one are you? The digital preservation revolution.

Emma Davenport

Join us in Boston for the opportunity to network with peers in your community, discuss issues and hear about new technologies and approaches in the field of digital preservation.

01 Apr, 2019

Eldin Rammell, Phlexglobal – Archiving GxP Data – Is it actually rocket science?

Eldin Rammell

Just how difficult can it be to archive electronic data generated from a drug development project? Surely it is enough to create an “Archive” folder on a…

29 Nov, 2018

World Digital Preservation Day 2018

Emma Davenport

SAVE THE DATE: World Digital Preservation Day – 29th November 2018 On 29th November 2018 World Digital Preservation Day 2018 (previously International Digital Preservation Day) will bring…

16 Oct, 2018

Jersey Heritage tells the story of island life with digital preservation and data safeguarding system Arkivum Perpetua

Emma Davenport

Jersey Heritage has chosen Arkivum Perpetua to store and preserve the huge volumes of digital records in its care. Holding the complete public record of States of…