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13 Nov, 2018

How effective is your digital research strategy?

Emma Davenport

The University of Nottingham leads the way to secure its vital research including life sciences data. A key area of focus across universities today is to implement…

07 Nov, 2018

Webinar: Protecting research data through data archiving and safeguarded storage

Emma Davenport

Date: 7th November 2018 Time: 16:00 – 17:00 GMT / 11:00 – 12:00 EST Data archiving can be an effective long-term way to manage growing volumes of…

19 Oct, 2018

How safe are your historical collections and the future of scientific research that depends on them?

Paula Keogh

A new study released last month has reinforced the long-held understanding by curators and archivists that museum and other historical collections are vital to the future of…

22 May, 2018

Final blog in series: Four economic fallacies of long term data management and how to avoid the surprising cost of “doing nothing”

Daniel Hickmore

Many Research & Development (R&D) executives express the same frustration. They may have a cure for cancer, or a revolutionary pharmaceutical discovery waiting to happen, but they just cannot quite grasp it. They think they already have the data somewhere, but have difficulty in…

17 May, 2018

Blog series (part 4): Data degradation in life sciences- The final economic fallacy of long term data being temporarily dynamic and path dependent

Daniel Hickmore

The final economic fallacy is that long term data management is temporarily dynamic and path dependent. I would argue that data is certainly temporarily dependent, but not path dependent. Data is constantly degrading in every temporal dimension; the past, today and..

25 Apr, 2018

HSRAA Annual Conference

Greg Macdonald

Arkivum is looking forward to participating at HSRAA’s Annual Conference, taking place in Brighton, UK.  Daniel Hickmore, our VP of Pharma, Life Sciences and Healthcare will be…