A secure cloud-based modular technology

Elastically scalable to grow with your business

Easy integration with your existing tools and IT infrastructure

Arkivum technology has been built from the ground up and tailored to adhere to Open Standards. It’s modular based design means you can start small and grow your digital preservation and data safeguarding capabilities as and when you need to. Pre-built integrations and open APIs make Arkivum solutions seamless when integrating, whether on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid.


Quick and seamless connectivity so users across your organisation can easily and reliably ingest multiple data streams for safeguarding, preservation and compliance management. It is a scalable and automated ingestion solution, compliant with industry best practices and comprising out-of-the-box integration connectors, flexible APIs and drag-and-drop options for a great user experience.


Long-term accessibility and authenticity of records in your archive repositories, adhering to OAIS (Open Archival Information System) file format preservation standards to deal with the challenges of preserving digital records for as long as required. Ongoing file normalisation provides assurance that digital records will be readable in the future, and records are kept in both the original and normalised formats for further surety.


Flexible record management using the Portland Common Data Model (PCDM) principles and retention management ensures data in the archive adheres to regulatory requirements. This module includes in-built mechanisms for the secure removal of data (e.g. removal of records once legal hold has elapsed or adhering to GDPR requirements for a data subject’s right to be forgotten).


A secure, cloud-based managed service that guarantees 100% data integrity and the highest standards of data protection. Archived data remains authentic and is available throughout its lifecycle. In-built validation, integrity and fixity checks are performed on the data being ingested, and records are encrypted in transit and at rest, providing a full audit trail on ingested data. Our safeguarding module eliminates the overhead and constraints imposed on IT departments in ensuring data protection by synchronising data storage across multiple high-level data centre environments, irrespective of the data volume or retention period, using bit-level data preservation technology.


Extraction and enrichment of various forms of metadata provide enhanced usability of your content stored within your archive repositories. Content is easily searchable and records can be shared in a secure way (e.g. restricted content per user role and removal of personally identifiable information). Additionally, it permits a trusted export of data that can prove the authenticity of the records in their original state should this be required as evidence.


Permission-based views allow users to securely access data in the archive. This can be through a dashboard for easy administration of the archive system to monitor the status and manage the organisation of content. The search and discovery feature supports handling of GDPR-based requests, compilation of investigations and reviews of the data. A flexible API allows extension of reporting and analytics capabilities from external tools that you already have in place.

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