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Best practice approaches / 22 Sep, 2021

There’s a maturity model called the ‘three-legged stool’?

There’s a maturity model called the ‘three-legged stool’?

Following on from our previous post regarding maturity models, I’d now like to bring the three-legged stool model into the archiving picture.

This model looks at three components which must be considered in tandem if your organisation is to achieve a successful and sustainable approach to digital preservation.

These three ‘legs’ comprise of technology, organisation and resources. This model demonstrates that without the consideration and maintenance of these three elements, a digital preservation programme will ultimately collapse. It is therefore a balancing act to ensure that the correct provision and attention is directed towards each element – or leg of the stool.

Breaking down the elements

The technology leg represents the necessary hardware, software and secure environments required. What should you consider?

  • Storage and back-up
  • Repository and preservation systems
  • Security measures

The organisation leg of the stool looks at the elements required to address the organisational needs and can help drive the organisational change required for a successful digital preservation approach. What should you consider?

  • Policy and strategy
  • Workflows
  • Risk registers & benefits models

The resources leg looks at the time, money and people requirements. These are the resources necessary to create and maintain a sustainable programme and can include:

  • Business planning
  • Funding
  • Staff skills
  • An organisational commitment to sustainability

Other than the three-legged stool model, there are many more to choose from. (we’ve detailed a few here).

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Anne R. Kenney and Nancy Y. McGovern, “The Five Organizational Stages of Digital Preservation,” in Digital Libraries: A Vision for the Twenty-first Century, a festschrift to honor Wendy Lougee, 2003. Available from the University of Michigan Scholarly Monograph Series website.

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