User Group 2021 - Arkivum

User Group

October 2021


Chris Sigley

A welcome from Arkivum CEO, Chris Sigley.


Chris discusses:

  • Highlights from 2021 including; fundraising, recruitment, new customers in Life Sciences and the ARCHIVER Project.
  • Challenges over the past year.
  • Looking ahead.

ARCHVER project

Matthew Addis

Matthew Addis gives an overview of the ARCHIVER project.


Matthew covers:

  • What the project is and what it means for Arkivum customers.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Size of data sets.
  • Robustness.
  • Transparency.

Product update

Simon Bostock

Simon Bostock reviews the last 12 months of product updates including new features and capability.


Simon covers:

  • An update on the Arkivum solution over the past year.
  • Features that have been added to the product.
  • A showcase of the new features from version 5.5.2, including the new search screen.

LSE case study

Neil Stewart, Nick Bywell, Fabi Barticioti

Neil, Nick and Fabi from London School of Economics joined us to give an overview of their Digitisation Toolkit with a demo using one of LSE’s collections.


The team share:

  • How LSE use the Arkivum solution.
  • The digital toolkit that LSE have developed.
  • A demo of how they use the toolkit.

Product roadmap

Simon Bostock

A review of the current product roadmap with an overview key upcoming deliverables and milestones.


Simon shares:

  • The direction of travel from version 5.4.5.
  • Upcoming features in versions 5.5.3, 5.5.4 and 5.5.5
  • The Arkivum file ingest explorer screen.
  • The Arkivum dashboard.

Operations update

Ziya Khan

A brief update from the Arkivum operations team.


Ziya covers:

  • The updated Zendesk process.
  • Future focus areas for the team including; improved user guides and self service capabilities.