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Archiving & Preservation / 08 Mar, 2019

Webinar Recording: Eat, sleep, preserve, repeat

We recently held a webinar, “Eat, Sleep, Preserve, Repeat” which explored your quest to take control your data.
In the quest to take control of your data, it can (and should) feel like a never ending process. It’s not enough to archive your data, no matter how thorough you are. Managing your data for future use is a live process that needs constant attention and care to reap the rewards from such diligence. And with technologies and capabilities advancing at warp speed, it’s important to regularly review the measures you’ve taken to protect your assets to make sure they continue to deliver what you need.


In the webinar we address the questions you need to ask yourself such as:

  • Have I done the basics? Is my data truly safeguarded?
  • What data am I safeguarding? Should there be more?
  • Is safeguarding enough? Do I need to expand my project to cover other services such as preservation?


We also discuss a couple of case studies showcasing how some of our clients have extended their projects from safeguarding to preservation, and how they are making their collections available for generations to come, while maintaining data integrity at all times.

About the presenter:

Paula Keogh, VP & Sector Lead - Heritage & Higher Education

Paula Keogh, VP of Heritage & Higher Education, Arkivum

Paula Keogh is an experienced, strategic Library and Information Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information management and data industry. She holds a first-class degree in Library & Information Studies and is a thought leader, writer and regular speaker at industry events such as CILIP, DCDC, PASIG and SCONUL. She prides herself on excellent customer management and solving problems for information professionals with a mix of leading technology, industry guidance and fostering great working relationships.
Watch the recording now to find out how to take control of your data or read our blog on continuing your data quest.

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