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Arkivum: The Usable Compliant Archive

Arkivum provides 100% guaranteed data safeguarding and long-term data lifecycle management solutions.

A flexible, scalable end-to-end solution that meets your changing business requirements.

About Arkivum

Arkivum is a leading provider of compliance-driven, long-term data safeguarding and usability solutions serving regulated, data intensive markets worldwide. Arkivum’s solution helps organizations safeguard and preserve their most valuable digital content to the highest level, adhere to intensified regulation of digital records management, economically cope with increasing data volumes and make archived data usable and accessible.

Arkivum provides a safe, secure, compliant and accessible digital archiving solution for any type of data, structured and unstructured, with a unique 100% data integrity guarantee and a built-in escrow service. The Arkivum solution brings archived data to life by enabling users to explore the vast, usually untapped value of their archived repository.

Since 2012 Arkivum has been serving more than 120 clients worldwide across industries and is certified for ISO 27001.

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To find out more about our solutions and to start securing your data today and for the future, please call us on +44 (0)1249 405060 or +1 617 306 4563, send us an email at hello@arkivum.com or complete the Contact Form below and we will follow-up with you directly.

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